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The perception of piercings and tattoos in 2022

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The Obsidian team is passionate about the world of piercing, but also tattooing. Two wonderful universes, just as exciting as the other. Two arts that allow you to express themselves and highlight the bodies. Exciting but also artistic, let's face it! This is why, we wanted to honor them in this new article. Tattoos and piercings have a fascinating story.

Here is the little summary of their story.

How did the perception of society change on this subject?

Perception of tattooing and piercing in 2022 - Obsidian

The story of piercing and tattooing through time

The piercing was observed in ancient American, African civilizations or even in the ancient Greeks and Romans who wore earrings. Piercings have always had a cultural and individual relevance and sense.

Today, piercing is no longer really associated with traditions, but makes more sense in the field of fashion. Indeed, piercing is considered an aesthetic accessory. Previously, its image was most often associated with those of punks or gothic.

The piercing is now democratized. Many stars wear it: Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna or Bella Hadid. In short, piercing in 2022 is trendy!

the Septum has even been highlighted by the Haute Couture Gucci brand, during the parade of the Fashion Week 2021. 

So what about tattooing? As with piercings, populations have marked their tattoos for thousands of years. Formerly, more than today it was above all a cultural brand. The first tattoos were seen in Egypt and China where the tattoo was very present within cultures.

Whether simple or elaborate, they represent symbols, declarations of love, beliefs and so many other possible meanings.

The practices have obviously evolved, new styles, new modes that affect all universes. It took a long time in the West, so that ink becomes socially acceptable. Today, tattoos have become popular and current.


Are piercing and tattooing compatible with business life?

In the world of work, unfortunately, it is a little more complicated to wear your piercings or your tattoos. This will necessarily depend on the culture of your business. Corporate culture is a bit of what it inspires in it. The values ​​they hold and the decisions they make. On the other hand, if you work for a company where you do not correspond to the culture of the company, it will seem complicated to work there.

Despite this, many structures are open -minded and realize that personality or skills are much more important elements than physics! And fortunately. This should therefore not brake you, being free from your appearance is still a right. In 2022, many future employees are looking for a company where they can feel good and where they will share the same values ​​as this one.

If you are part of a company in which it is not necessarily well seen to have piercing, you can still opt for an easy -to -hide piercing like a septum for example, by wearing a horseshoe you will have Just to turn it over so that it becomes "invisible". Ear piercings are generally easier to wear in a business than a face piercing (nose or mouth), a Helix piercing will be easily hidden under your hair.


Your body belongs to you!

The piercing or tattoo are ultimately a good proof of acceptance of oneself and others at the same time. Our current society forces people to be like this or like that. But this way of thinking is taken to disappear. Each human body is unique, so don't forget! So you can discover our wonderful piercing collections on our site :)

"Be yourself, the others are already taken"-Oscar Wilde

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