Piercing Hélix : Douleur, Cicatrisation, Types de Bijoux, ...

Helix piercing: pain, healing, types of jewelry, ...

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Do you dream of a new ear piercing? Do you want to place different jewelry and adopt an original style?

That's good, because the possibilities of ear piercing are large! Conch, Tragus, Daith, Lobe and Helix constitute some of the places where it is possible to place piercing jewelry. So take the time required to decide the place to be allocated to your Helix piercing !

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If you've never done an ear cartilage piercing, Helix piercing is certainly the first piercing you can try. It is a piercing that causes little pain and offers fairly simple and fast healing (under certain conditions).

Helix piercing is therefore great for your first ear cartilage piercing!

Are you ready to take the plunge, but you still have a few questions? Is the pain of the Helix piercing strong? Is healing fast? What jewelry can I choose? What about the interview?

So read the rest. You will certainly find the answer to most of your questions in this article dedicated to Helix piercing!


Helix piercing: What part of the ear is the helix?

You don't know where the Helix is ​​exactly in the ear?

This visible part of the external ear is on the upper side edge of the atrial pavilion. The helix therefore represents this little tube that surrounds the pavilion of your ear.

Helix piercing has the advantage of being discreet if you choose to wear a little gem, such as a clawed head or a cabochon. But it can also be more seeing if you decide to wear a ring or a cluster type jewel. It's up to you !

What is the pain of a helix piercing?

This is a question that many fans of piercings arise when they want to place jewelry in the ear. Rest assured: this is always the case when you want to do a piercing, whether it is the helix, the conch, daith, tragus, or any other cartilaginous piercing which have the reputation of painful beings.

Do you already have a piercing at the ear lobe? Have you placed earrings or a ring? You certainly remember this big pinch felt at the time of piercing.

In the case of Helix piercing, it's a bit the same. Helix piercing jewelry arises on a fine part of the ear made of cartilage and skin. The advantage is therefore that the pain felt during piercing is quite low.

After the piercing, it is normal to feel a few tensions or to have the swelling ear. However, if this situation continues, do not hesitate to consult your pierceur.

So you can feel quieter compared to this point: Helix piercing does not generate more pain than another cartilaginous ear piercing.

Helix piercing: how long for healing?

The healing of a cartilaginous piercing, like that of helix piercing, varies from one person to another. In general, for complete healing, it takes between 3 and 6 months. Provided, of course, to respect the hygiene rules provided by your pierceur.

It is preferable that your healing is followed by the professional who performs your piercing. This is the case for any piercing, especially for a cartilaginous piercing which often requires more attention regarding its healing period. In particular an ear piercing which will face many bacteria on a daily basis, this because of the hair, hats, helmets, ... a daith or tragus piercing for example, facing the external auditory channel, a place that combines bacteria, will be more exposed to complications. It will therefore be important to follow a strict maintenance routine to optimize your healing and avoid any problem.

Helix piercing: maintenance and rules to follow

Do you want to avoid complications such as infection, swelling or poor healing in your Helix piercing?

In this case, follow these few hygiene rules!

How to clean your Helix piercing?

Wash your hands carefully, it is important to have clean and dry hands before care.

Never touch your piercing during healing with dirty hands, this is vital to avoid any risk of infection.

For daily maintenance, we recommend that you use a sterile saline solution such as physiological serum, applied to a compress morning and evening for 15 days. Then for other weeks we can decrease the use to 1 time a day until complete healing. It is best to use a compress for your care, cotton may leave fibers around the jewelry or hang on to it.

Things to avoid:

Sleep on your piercing, watch out for blows, clashes and friction of clothes.

  • Swimming in the pool
  • Alcohol abuse and drug use: active substances present
    in your blood will not facilitate healing
  • Makeup on piercing
  • Do not remove the piercing on your own before the control visit
  • Do not play with piercing, do not touch it outside of care.
  • Do not put an antiseptic product type biseptin, betadine etc ...

If you encounter a problem during healing, please contact us directly or your confidence perceur.

What to do for good healing of helix piercing

Whatever the ear piercing you have (helix, conch, daith, tragus or ear lobe), you need to make sure you dry it after your care.

Bacteria is always attracted to the humidity of a cartilaginous piercing.

A piercing that remains wet can, therefore, easily infected. Bumps appear and the expected visual effect with your Helix piercing is therefore missed.

Pain and scarring problems are, of course, also there!

Be sure not to touch or move your helix piercing. A displacement can create important and visible lesions in the cartilage.

Likewise, when you sleep, don't put your ear on the pillow. The pressure is not good for piercing and can once again cause lesions.

Result: inflammation, pain and scarring problem.

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What jewelry for Helix piercing?

It is clear that thanks to your new Helix piercing, you have all the possibilities to borrow a style that is unique to you!

If you already have other ear piercings, you can start thinking about a harmonious jewelry composition, coming to enhance your style.

The ring remains the most chosen solution for a helix piercing, whether it is worn alone or that it complements other piercing jewelry, we will often find a lobe/tragus/helix trio, or lobe/conch/ Helix, which represents a fairly simple composition for your ear.

Many also choose an accessory jewel screwable on a labret bar. It is one of the ideal jewelry for all types of ear piercing. Particularly for Helix piercing, on which we can put a marquise that will accompany the curve of your Helix for example.

To show simplicity and discretion, choose a screwable accessory such as titanium cabochon or a golden trio. These two types of jewelry add a certain touch of originality to your Helix piercing.

We, in any case, love them!

What jewelry material for Helix piercing?

What we absolutely do not want is that you have problems with your Helix piercing. Pain, infection and bad healing are our enemies.

This is why, at Obsidian piercing, we follow the recommendations of The app (Association of Piercing Professionals).

We therefore decide to work exclusively with 14 k and 18 k gold as well as with ASTM-F136 grade titanium. These materials are of superior quality, implantable and do not contain any nickel. With them, you will not have to worry about infections or allergies (provided you follow the maintenance rules communicated). Gold and titanium constitute ideal materials for a first installation of jewelry in the ear, and are more advised in the face of popular steel (known as "surgical") or bioplastic. Steel is a very popular metal for piercings due to its 'cheap' price, however it contains nickel, an alloy that can be harmful and therefore 10% of the population at least is allergic. Titanium is a more qualitative and lighter alternative to steel, especially since this jewel will never leave you.

Of course, it is essential to respect the hygiene rules recommended after installing your piercing, whether it is in the helix or any other place (conch, tragus, face, body, ...).

You can find for more information our Guide on the best (and worst) materials On our blog, to help you in your choice of piercing jewelry.


What size of jewelry for Helix piercing?

Since we are all made up differently, sizes can vary from person to person, however there are standard sizes used by professional drivers.

Here you will find a quick table of sizes for jewelry of Helix and Anti Helix piercing, the helix variant.




Helix with bar

1.2 mm

6/7 mm

Helix with ring

1.2 mm

8/10 mm

Anti helix with bar

1.2 mm

5/6 mm

Anti helix with ring

1/1.2 mm

6 mm

The size of the jewelry can also depend on your tastes, if you want a larger ring coming to rely on your earrings.

For example, a helix piercing with a ring close to the ear is 8 mm, while a larger ring is 10 mm, of course it depends on the shape of your ear and the location of the piercing to your Helix, if it is far from the edge of your ear you will have to adapt the diameter of your ring.

For more information compared to the size of other ear piercings, click here.

Helix piercing: When to change jewelry for the first time?

Your professional perceur is the only person you can refer to this information. Changing your Helix piercing, painless, for the first time, is done with your perceur. He alone can tell you if healing is in good path.

In general, a month after the installation of Helix piercing jewelry, you can adapt the length of the bar. If you only want to change the accessory screwable at the end of the labret, it is normally possible to do it earlier.

On the other hand, if your preference goes to a ring, allow at least two to three months, before you can make the change towards it.

Algieba jewelry - Helix piercing - obsidian piercing

Anti Helix: a variation in helix piercing

The anti helix piercing is placed above the tragus, in the inside of the ear.

This piercing is rarer. Due to its exposure to more substantial bacteria than a helix piercing, the healing time varies rather between 6 months and 1 year.

For this type of piercing, you have the choice between a simple, a double, or a triple anti helix according to your morphology. You can then place several rings there for example.

Helix piercing certainly has no secrets for you.

However, do not hesitate to contact our team for any additional information. We are present to find out about your helix piercing or any other piercing whether in the ear, face or body.

Leave us your experience regarding Helix piercing in comments, or your apprehensions if it is still not done ✨

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