We share the same taste as you for beautiful jewelry, but so that they can keep all their splendor, it will not be necessary to neglect the maintenance of these. This is why we wanted to offer you a list of rules to follow so that your piercing jewelry keeps their sparkle.

Global maintenance and cleaning of jewelry

When you acquire superior quality jewelry, it is important to take great care so that they keep their beauty. By taking care of your piercing jewelry, these will accompany you for decades. Here are our tips for keeping your jewelry at the best of their form:

  • Clean your jewelry before inserting it into your piercing.
  • Avoid chemicals or detergents, the best way to clean your jewelry is to simply wash it with hot water and a little antibacterial soap.
  • Never clean your jewelry with alcohol, especially when your jewelry is in acrylic or a jewel with one or more thin stones.
  • Store your jewelry in a dry and clean place, like a jewelry box for example.
  • Do not mix all your jewelry together, so as not to risk that they are striking on each other. It is best to keep each jewel in a different bag or compartment.
  • Be careful when you dry your face or hair so that the towel does not cling to one of your piercing jewelry and abyss it.
  • Be careful not to sleep with more delicate piercing jewelry, like a pendant jewel in the navel that could damage during your sleep when you turn.
  • Clean your piercing jewelry regularly to keep a clean and new look.

Most of our piercing jewelry such as a labret (right bar), bananas or barbells are internal screwing, so we will have to pay attention to certain things:

  • The screw-up accessory or the ball of your jewelry unscrews slowly by wearing it continuously, it will therefore be necessary to think of checking fairly regularly that it is well screwed. So be careful that the jewel does not fall after having unscrewed.
  • Do not tighten your screwable or ball accessory too hard, this may damage internal screwing or your jewelry, but make sure it is tight enough not to lose it.