Guide d'entretien des bijoux : tout ce qu'il faut savoir

Jewelry maintenance guide

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PVD Gold  Gold 14 or 18 carats. Your obsidian jewelry will keep in time if you follow some tips that we are going to give you.


Bijoux maintenance piercings guide

Your skin and jewel, a different wedding according to each

PVD Gold 

Wear your obsidian jewel on a daily basis

Our jewelry is completely compatible with daily life. Sleeping and showering with jewelry without necessarily removing them every time, real happiness isn't it? Our piercing jewelry is designed for continuously worn beings and therefore avoiding the long and boring routine to remove everything to put everything later.


If you are a sports person and you regularly practice physical activity, you can also wear them. Be aware, however, that depending on people, the acidity of sweat will be bad for jewelry, so remember to rinse your jewelry in light water after your session.

If you are a big swimmer, know that the chlorine used in swimming pools is bad for gold, platinum and silver jewelry, these jewelry oxidizes in contact with chlorine! However, the more the gold is pure and the more your jewelry will resist there, but it is better to be careful. Once again, you will have to think about rins your piercing jewelry in light water or remove them beforehand.

So you are probably wondering "Can I wear my jewelry of piercings at the beach?" ", Also make sure you also give a good rinsing to clear water after enjoying sea salt and sun. Nothing better to keep them intact.

Titanium, a resistant material

The titanium, it will resist these different events of life with ease, however the PVD Gold titanium will require your vigilance to keep its gold as long as possible, it will therefore be necessary to take great care and avoid rubbing it too violently which could damage the PVD Gold layer. When you clean your PVD Gold titanium jewel, do not rub the jewelry but lightly tap it to dry it using your soft or microfiber cloth. You can otherwise use a can of compressed air, however let your jewelry dry in the open air to avoid traces.

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Some tips for taking care of your jewelry

  • Do not put any scent on your jewelry.
  • Clean your jewelry with lukewarm water once a month with neutral soap, for about 5 minutes then rub it gently using a soft microfiber or cloth to remove dirt. This advice is precious. A skin deposit may be made on your piercings which is completely normal. It is therefore essential to do it for your jewelry, but also from a hygienic point of view.
  • Store your treasures preciously in a small box when you remove them.
  • Do not wear them when you do a risk activity at risk (combat sports, climbing, extreme sports, etc.)
  • After cleaning your jewelry, you can use a polishing cloth on your gold or titanium jewelry, found in jewelry or on the internet.
  • Jewelry can easily hang on, so be careful while drying when you get out of the shower.


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