Among the most frequent questions, those concerning the  

Below you will find theStandard sizes piercing. However, we cannot guarantee that the size on our table is the size used for your specific piercing. These are the most common thicknesses, lengths and diameters used byProfessional piercers.

Everyone's body is different, and sometimes the perpetrators use lengths and thicknesses adapted according to yourmorphology contact 


Piercing Thickness Length/diameter*
Navel 1.6mm 10mm
Stud nose 0.8mm / 1mm 8mm
Ring nose 0.8mm / 1mm 7mm / 8mm
Language 1.6mm 16mm
Helix with bar 1.2mm 6mm / 7mm
Helix with ring 1.2mm 8mm / 10mm
Tragus with bar 1.2mm 7mm / 8mm
Tragus with ring 1mm / 1.2mm 6mm
Conch with bar 1.2mm / 1.6mm 7mm / 8mm
Conch with ring 1.2mm / 1.6mm 10mm / 12mm
Anti Helix with bar 1.2mm 6mm/ 7mm
Anti Helix with ring 1mm / 1.2mm 6mm
Rook with banana 1.2mm 7mm / 8mm
Rook with ring 1mm / 1.2mm 6mm
Banana arcade 1.2mm 8mm / 10mm
Industrial 1.6mm From 30mm to 38mm
Daith with ring or horseshoe 1.2mm / 1.6mm 8mm / 10mm
Labret / Medusa 1.2mm 7mm / 8mm
Nipple with bar 1.6mm 12mm / 14mm
Septum 1.2mm / 1.6mm 8mm / 9mm / 10mm
Lobe with bar 1mm / 1.2mm / 1.6mm  
Lobe with ring 1.2mm / 1.6mm 8mm / 10mm / 12mm
Smiley with ring or horseshoe 1.2mm 8mm / 10mm

*The size of the rings is calculated at its thickness and its diameter.

What is the thickness of my piercing

InBody piercing 

However, you can possibly come across a measurement system "Gauge 

Be careful because the higher the G (Gauge) the lower the thickness, unlike our millimeters.

For example: 1.0mm = 18g, 1.2mm = 16g, 1.6mm = 14g,…

Width of a piercing - Obsidian piercing

What is the length of my piercing

The length of yourpiercing jewelry 

Piercing length - obsidian piercing

What is the diameter of my rings

The diameter is used to measure the size of circular jewelry such as rings or horseshoe. This diameter is measured on the inner and widest part of the jewel.

Diameter ring - Obsidian piercingDiameter Rings jewelry - Obsidian piercing

Curved barbells size

Thebananas, also calledBARBELLS Curved, are commonly used on the ears such as therook, arcade jewelry, jewelry for vertical labret andnavel. The bananas are measured in a straight line by measuring the interior length between the two balls.

Bananas exist in 1.2mm and 1.6mm

Banana piercing - Obsidian piercing

Labret size (bars)

Thelabrets, also known astray bar, are worn in a variety ofpiercings 

On our website you will find thetitanium bars   to screw, you just have to choose the corresponding labret.