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Today we are talking about the new essential of piercing, you will have already understood with the title of the article, we tell you about the Network piercing. Popular in women but also in humans, the demand of this one exceeds today even that of the essentialbelly button piercing.

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This piercing is both sexy but also sexualized, indeed, many people getting pierce the nipples say that this increases their sensitivity. Beyond bringing chili to your privacy, the Network piercing still represents more than that.

Having the nipples are pierced is the assertion that one is comfortable with your body, and many make sure to show it by wearing highs close to the body which reveal beautiful jewelry to the piercing Teton.

Others simply like the look, it is also interesting to have a more exotic and discreet piercing that we are the only ones to see and that we will show that on very little occasion. Because you don't always need to reveal all your jewelry.

Anyway, we will not stop repeating it, but a piercing is not a trivial gesture, which is why it is better to find out beforehand and then during healing to take great care. The Teton piercing is long enough to heal and you will therefore have to respect the maintenance instructions so that the experience is as pleasant as possible.


Prepare for the Teton piercing

Before making your piercing in the nipple it will already be necessary to make a first decision: would you like to make a piercing to your two nipples or to one? The two looks are possible and common, although the double remains the most common.

The Teton piercing takes approximately 6 months to heal completely, at the lowest it will take 4 months. You will therefore have to choose the right time to make you unravel, because you will not be able to swim during healing at the pool or the sea, you will have to avoid the beach and the sand to avoid bringing bacteria or infections to your piercing.

It is also important to find a professional pierceur who you trust. Do not hesitate to visit several shops before making your choice, make sure they use the right equipment (single-use sterile needle) and that they follow all the hygiene rules as well as the installation of a jewelry of an implantable material. Indeed, it is not recommended to opt for a so -called "surgical" or stainless steel piercing, which contain nickel an allergen alloy and which can be harmful. You can also consult the opinions left online on the various stores to support your decision. The pistol drilling or elsewhere that in a professional perceur is completely not recommended, you are going to unravel part of your body and the risk perhaps significant if the act is poorly done, you would not go to a mechanic for a tooth rage?

For people asking themselves, It is possible for all types of nipples to be pierced, whether flat or inverted, on the contrary it can even help them come out. You will just have to find a piercing used.

Piller nipple - White tank top with pierced women's nipples

Pain of a Teton piercing

The nipple is quite sensitive, putting a needle will therefore be quite painful, but like any other piercing it remains fast. Many describe it as less painful than their expectations.

The apprehension of piercing will not make the task easier, neither for you, nor for your perceur. This is where to have a piercing with whom you will be comfortable will be important, do not hesitate to share your concern with it, it will probably help you relieve part of your stress.

Healing of nipple piercing

The healing of nipple piercing remains shorter thanEar cartilage piercing, it will be at least 3 to 4 months, up to 6 months. The external part will be healed before the internal part, which is why it will not be necessary to neglect the care until the end.

If you are tired of the maintenance and your treatment routine, you can reduce the care frequency when the healing phase of the external part will seem finished. It is important to make a control visit with your piercing 1 month after the act of piercing, he can then give you the follow -up of the instructions according to your case. You can return to see it after 3/4 months to possibly change your jewelry and check if the healing is on track to end.

Woman with nipple piercing - obsidian piercing

Teton maintenance and care

The error of many people is to think to be an exception and that his piercing is healed after just a few weeks. The external part is the fastest to heal, however the internal part for it takes more time, it will therefore be important throughout the healing phase not to play with or expose it to bacteria by touching it with Dirty hands for example, so as not to risk infection or other complications.

After the act of piercing we will equip you with a installation jewel with a longer bar to take into account the swelling during the first healing phase, it may however happen that the swelling is abnormally substantial, in this case he You will be enough to contact your piercing so that it changes the bar size by a larger one.

So that the healing of your nipple piercing goes as best as possible, it will therefore be necessary to follow certain maintenance and care rules:

  • Always wash your hands before touching your piercing! As with any other piercing, it is always important to touch it with clean hands to avoid bringing bacteria.
  • Clean your piercing using a saline solution. It will be imperative to keep your piercing clean to avoid any risk of infection. For new piercings, we generally avoid friction with clothes, however with nipple piercing this is relatively complicated, which is why it should not be overlooked and clean it several times a day. You will have to apply the saline solution using a compress on your nipple piercing.
  • Leave the nipple quiet. If you were looking forward to your new nipple piercing to spice things up in your couple, this rule will probably annoy you. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the healing of your new piercing to be completely finished. Not only do the mouth or hands carry bacteria that could cause an infection, but move the jewelry and play with risk of damaging the scar tissues, this could generate a scar or even a rejection of piercing. It will therefore be necessary to wait until your pierceur tells you that the piercing is completely heal.
  • Wear high tights or cotton bra during healing. If one of your nipple piercing jewelry clings to your clothes, in addition to being painful, it can cause problems. If the piercing jewelry comes to hang too violently it could cause rejection and it could be the end of your new nipple piercing. Women will therefore be able to wear a cotton bra or a bra to keep the jewelry safe, for men or women who wish not to wear a bra. It will be better to wear top close to the body.
  • Wear the right installation jewel. The areas with more pulpit like a nipple piercing, are more likely to undergo a rejection. However, it is possible to avoid any risk of rejection by choosing the right jewel to start. It will therefore be necessary to favor a jewel of a higher quality metal such as 14 or 18 carat gold, or the titanium of implantable grade (ASTM-F136). A lower quality piercing jewel can cause skin irritation. It will also be necessary to wear a light jewel to avoid shooting on the piercing, but large enough to support the swelling during the start of healing.
  • There may be excretions, don't panic. It is common for a piercing to excrete a little liquid during the healing phase, but the nipple tends to be a little more oozing. If the excretion is clear or white creamy, you shouldn't have to worry it is lymph. However, if the color turns to very light white, yellow or green, it could be a sign of infection. Be careful, if you have a doubt talk to a professional (your pieror or your general practitioner).

DIYA - Obsidian piercing jewelry

Our nipples jewelry

What jewelry for Teton piercing

Most irritations come from an allergic reaction to a low quality jewelry, so it is important for the healing phase to be best to choose a quality jewel. It is common to see solutions at very low prices, often "surgical" steel piercings or stainless steel, which are not the best option for your nipple.

What material for his piercing jewelry:

  • Gold: If you want a classy jewel and that will accompany you forever, gold is perhaps what you need. Be careful to take a minimum 14 -carat gold jewelry, or 18 carat 18 carats. 9 carat gold contains nickel and 24 carat gold is too flexible for a piercing jewel. Gold 14 and 18 carats are considered implantable and can therefore be used for a installation jewel.
  • Titanium: titanium is the upper version of "surgical" steel, of better quality and lighter, it will not cause you irritation or allergies. However, you will have to be careful to choose an implantable grade titanium, therefore ASTM-F136.

We do not recommend "surgical" steel to you because it contains nickel and may cause you irritations and complications in the healing of your nipple piercing. The nipple being a relatively sensitive area, it is still preferable to put a good quality piercing in a matter respectful for your body, like gold or titanium.

Regarding the type of jewelry, the installation jewel will be automatically a bar, on which you can screw basic balls or screwable accessories such as opals, natural stones, or other. Thanks to a limited movement in your piercing, the bars allow simpler and faster healing.

Once the healing is completed, you can then put different jewelry on your nipple piercing, such as a ring or a horse iron, decorated with zircon, natural stone, or even beautiful opals.

What size for your piercing jewelry:

If you want to change your jewelry by yourself you will have to choose the right size, we have planned for you the standard sizes used by the drivers:




Closed off



Ring/Horse Ring



These sizes are valid for a completely healed piercing only, for a first jewel your piercing will put a longer bar for you to take into account the swelling due to healing. Depending on your morphology, the sizes may vary, so do not hesitate to ask your pieror the size that suits you if you have a doubt.

Titting piercing - Barbell with Vissable accessory - Obsidian piercing

Teton piercing price

As with any piercing, the price will vary according to your region, the popularity or experience of the piercing as well as the quality of service and follow -up. It will take between 40 and 70 € for a nipple piercing, it will therefore be necessary to multiply by two this sum if you want to have both. However, some perceers will make you a reduction on the second piercing.

The installation jewel will be included in the price with the act of piercing, it will however be a basic piercing jewel. If you want a different jewel, you will probably have to add a little money.

You can otherwise see with your perceur if he accepts that you come with a jewel that you bought online (on our site for example), provided that it is implantable grade and that your pierce can sterilize it Help of an autoclave directly on the day of your appointment. All our 14/18K gold and titanium jewelry are implantable and can be used as a installation jewel, after being sterilized.

Change your Teton piercing

For the first change we recommend that you do it with your pierceur. Once your piercing is completely heal you can please yourself and change it yourself, beware it can close quickly in less than 24 hours, it will therefore be necessary To have to re-perceive through scar fabrics, which will make the thing more complicated.

We hope to have answered all your questions concerning nipple piercing ✨

If you still have questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us by email at the address contact@obsidianpiercing.com, or ask us your question in the comments.

Have you ever made a nipple piercing? We are curious to know your return on experience, we will be happy to read your comments and answer them 😊

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