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Do you want to do a different and slightly more discreet piercing? A piercing also known for its virtues against headaches, we will tell you about the Daith piercing.

We love Daith piercing for its unique character and the elegance it brings to your ear coupled with a beautiful jewel. In addition, it would seem according to rumors that the piercing in the Daith would act permanently on a point of acupuncture located in the Daith and allowing to relieve migraines, it was unfortunately never really proven scientifically.

Is the pain during piercing strong? Is healing fast and simple? Is it advisable to wear a ring in this part of the cartilage?

Rest assured ! We are here to advise you and answer your questions about Daith piercing.

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Daith piercing: where is this piercing at the ear level?

The Daith is a part of the ear, located just above your auditory duct.

Touch your ear entrance. Go back up. Do you feel a fold made of skin and cartilage that you can pinch? You have found your Daith! It is right next to the tragus and the snug.

You understand: this part of the ear is very fine and small. If your piercing judges that it is not wide enough, you may not be able to make daith piercing.

Rest assured, however, your ear reserves multiple piercing possibilities, such as the conch, Helix or the tragus for example.

Daith piercing jewelry - obsidian piercing

An ideal acupuncture point against migraine?

This is a question that has been debated for a few years. Daith piercing is on a point used to treat migraine in acupuncture. According to some specialists, making a piercing at this specific place of the ear would permanently activate this traditional Chinese medicine point. This could relieve a person who suffers regularly.

During a research Scientist dating from 2017, the patient would have seen his headache decrease after having a Daith piercing. However, it is possible that this relief is simply due to a placebo effect, which is why research could not conclude positively because of a lack of evidence proving its effectiveness.

American professional perors confirm that some of their customers have suffered less from this kind of problem since they have a daith piercing.

But it is still too early to be able to guarantee that it can relieve your ills. So keep in mind that this piercing is above all aesthetic.

Daith piercing price

The price will inevitably vary depending on the location of the shop as well as its reputation, however most of the time we will find at the same price as the other piercings with the cartilage of the ear, therefore between 40 and 60 €. Most of the time the price will include the basic jewel used for installation.

Procedure of the act of piercing

It is essential to present yourself in a piercing shop with a professional, to perform your Daith piercing or any other ears piercing (Conch, Tragus piercing, Helix, etc.). He alone is equipped to carry out the act of piercing in the rules of the art. Plan time and try to be as serene as possible.

Your pierceur delimits the area to be pierced in terms of your Daith. He ensures that she is quite wide. A sterile needle then passes through the cartilage, at the front of the ear canal. The piercer cleans the place with a saline solution.

Your Daith piercing is now done.

Is the drilling painful?

Does it hurt ? This is a question that comes up regularly.

Let's say that this is not the piercing to be done first at your ears. It is not the simplest piercing or the one that generates the least pain. A first experience with a lobe drilling or a lobe, for example, will surely make you comfortable to understand this new addition.

The location of the Daith piercing means that it may seem more impressive due to the noise of the crash of the cartilage, it is just at the entrance of your auditory channel. However, this especially more fear than harm!

What pain after Daith piercing?

The same day and the ones to come you will probably feel a slight heat, it is simply your defenses which are put in place to initiate a healing phase.

Daith piercing jewelry - obsidian piercing

What types of jewelry for your Daith piercing?

Jewelry and the ring allow you to adopt an original style with your earrings. Thanks to them, you sublimate the design of your ear. It is important to choose piercing jewelry that represents you well and that you like above all.

Daith piercing is generally provided with a ring or a ferry. You can make it match the other jewelry of your tragus, helix, rook or conch piercings.

What do you prefer ? Titanium horseshoe with a beautiful white opal?

The grace ring decorated with zirconium oxides? Or rather a 14 -carat gold ring? You also with Daith jewelry, including a ring (loop) which can close via a clicker.

What material to choose?

In order for the experience to go at best, it is important to pay some attention to the quality of the materials used.

We therefore only work with 14 k and 18 K gold. As well as with ASTM-F136 grade titanium, an implantable grade. Their quality is the best because these materials do not contain any nickel. Besides, these materials can be used for installation.

We offer many starry piercings on our online store. In addition, you can benefit from free delivery and good value for money.

However, we avoid steel called "surgical" or "stainless", which has it as the sole advantage of being inexpensive, but is more fragile, of less good quality, and is only considered implantable than a grade of 'Steel: the ASTM-F138 grade. This contains nickel, an alloy that can be harmful of which almost 1 in 10 people is allergic.

Daith piercing jewelry - obsidian piercing

What size of jewelry for your Daith piercing?

This subject is normally addressed by a piercing professional, otherwise do not hesitate to ask him for the size used, to be more independent in the choice of your jewelry afterwards.




Daith with iron or rings

1.2/1.6 mm

8/10 mm

Daith piercing: healing and hygiene rules

How long for perfect healing?

As with tragus, helix or conch piercing, it is important to take care of your daith piercing. Strict hygiene rules make it possible to heal more quickly.

In the case of Daith piercing, it takes at least two to four months.

You will then have to return to see your pierceur to monitor the healing of your new piercing during a "check-up".

What hygiene rules for your Daith piercing?

You have understood: the Daith is one of the most beautiful piercings in the ears. On the other hand, it is just out of the external auditory duct. This means that bacteria can quickly settle there! So follow the following instructions.

Do not touch your daith piercing until your care

It is best not to touch your piercing in the ear, it could slow down the healing time. If you play with it you might cause cartilage irritation. Extraces and infections can then be created and the aesthetic aspect of your piercing can suffer from it.

When you have to clean your daith piercing, be sure to wash your hands properly before the operation and dry them well.

Apply a solution using a compress

For daily maintenance, we recommend that you use physiological serum or a saline solution, to be applied using a compress morning and evening for 15 days. Then for other weeks we can decrease the use to 1 time a day until it is completely healed.

It is best to use a compress for your care, the cotton may leave fibers around the jewelry or to hang on to it.

You can use anti inflammatory drugs if necessary for 4 days following the act of piercing.

Do not sleep on it!

Do not sleep on the ear you just pierced, it would cause pressure and friction to curb healing see you bring you infections.

Things to avoid during healing:

  • The headphones are to be banned, prefer a helmet that will not apply pressure on your new piercing.
  • Alcohol abuse and drug use: the active substances present in your blood will not facilitate healing
  • Makeup on piercing
  • Remove the piercing yourself before the control visit
  • Play with your piercing: do not touch it outside of care

Also pay attention to the use of cotton swabs!

Daith piercing jewelry - obsidian piercing

When to change your jewelry at the Daith?

At the Daith piercing you will have a horseshoe or a ring from the start, which changes from other piercing like the conch or the helix for example, where you have to wait about 1 month before you can go to a ring.

Allow at least 1 to 2 months before changing. However if you have a horseshoe you can always change the screwable accessories before this time.

We hope to have answered your questions about Daith piercing!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information concerning your new piercing (nose, septum, ear, body ...)

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