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Tragus piercing: pain, healing, types of jewelry, ...

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It is sometimes complicated to make the decision to make a new piercing, but being properly informed allows you to take the plunge without fears. We're going to talk about a Ear piercing unavoidable.

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The majority of piercing fans choose the Tragus piercing for his discretion, his originality and his delicacy. the Tragus piercing is one of the most requested lately!

This is a name you may not know yet. The tragus is this small anatomical structure made of cartilage and covered with skin that you touch as soon as you approach your fingers in your ear.

This mini -tongue in rounded or triangular shape is located on the surface of the ear pavilion and protects the opening of the external auditory duct.

Your tragus piercing therefore has the advantage of being seen by everyone! This is perfectly falling, we have many ideas of superior quality pieces to offer you!

Before you embark on the adventure of tragus piercing, you certainly have a lot of questions in mind ... How is the act of piercing? Are I going to feel significant pain for this piercing? What about healing? Which jewelry to choose for my tragus piercing?

You can reassure yourself now: we have prepared, for you, A special guide answering your questions about tragus piercing.

Tragus piercing: What to do before?

Before doing your piercing, you must Find a pierceur that applies hygiene rules necessary for the profession. It is important to feel comfortable with the person who will perform your new piercing.

If you are a nervous person, we recommend that you turn to a patient pierceur, and to warn him beforehand if you are afraid of not holding in place once the time has come.

Check with your piercing which types of jewelry this one will offer you to pose, it is always preferable to Promote a higher material such as gold or titanium (Attention ! ASTM-F136 grade titanium only) to ensure better healing of its new piercing, whether in tragus or elsewhere. Low low ranges can be rejected by your body and create adverse reactions. Surgical steel will notably be avoided especially in the cartilage of the ear during drilling. It will not be possible to wear a ring from the start, it will then be necessary to wait for the green light of your perceur before being able to wear a magnificent ring set with beautiful stones (zirconium, opal, natural stone, ...).

Take your time from find an experienced pierceur and who you trust, when it comes to piercing a piece of your ear, it is better to be less looking at the price but more on quality. An experienced perceur will be able to accompany you better to return "the operation"More pleasant and less painful. It is also important to verify that hygiene rules are respected in the living room, and that The pierceur uses a sterilized single -use needle and not a pistol, make you pierce with the pistol can seriously damage the cartilage of your ear by bursting around your piercing rather than cleanly piercing your tragus or other cartilage piercing.

At the house of Obsidian piercing, We respect the hygiene rules to the letter And offer you superior quality items for your piercings.

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Tragus piercing price

The piercing in itself will often depend on the region in which you live, but also on the experience and the fame of your pierceur, however the price will be in a range from 40 to 60 € with a installation jewel included (This price is given as an indication but will vary according to each piercing of course). 

Piercing Tragus: How is the piercing?

When you want to perform a tragus piercing, the pierceur must ensure that piercing may well take place. He checks that your tragus is wide enough for piercing and looks if you have enough cartilage.

Once his agreement is given, he disinfects the area, puts a small point by means of a pen in the place where he pierces and places the needle with which he will perform the piercing.

His needle, sterile, pierces this place in the ear and the jewel can then be inserted.

Tragus piercing is fast, we reassure you :-)

Check that the pierceur uses a needle and not a pistol. The pistol often contains bacteria, enough to complicate its healing.

Tragus piercing - Pain - Obsidian piercing

How is the pain of tragus piercing?

This is the question that everyone is asking, as well as for most other cartilage piercings like the helix, Le Conch, Daith, ...

If you have one day made an ear lobe piercing, you are certainly remembering the mini pain felt at the time of the piercing.

In the case of tragus piercing, you feel a little more pressure, because the needle must pass through the cartilage of this part of the ear. At the most you have cartilage, the more you feel the pressure. Nevertheless, you quickly realize that The tragus is quite flexible and flexible.

We reassure you on this point: tragus piercing hurts more than other cartilaginous piercings.

Given the position of tragus piercing, next to the ear duct, you will mostly hear a snap when passing the needle. It's normal. It means it's already over!

What size of jewelry for a tragus piercing?

Here are the standard sizes used by professional drivers.




Tragus with bar

1.2 mm

6/7/8 mm

Tragus with ring

1/1.2 mm

6 mm

For more information, go to our page size guide.

The size for your jewelry will also depend on your tastes as well as the size of your tragus. This is a point to approach with your pierceur.

Do not forget, however, that it is easier to stretch a piercing than to shrink it.

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What jewelry material to choose for tragus piercing?

Nothing worse than feeling pain and showing an infection instead of a nice piercing!

Of the Good quality materials Allow you to keep your piercing healthy, without pain, without inflammation problems or infections.

It is essential to use appropriate materials for good healing of ear piercings, especially in terms of cartilage, as for helix piercing or conch piercing.

The app, Association of Piercing Professionals, recommends different types of materials suitable for new piercings.

At the house of Obsidian piercing, we prefer to work with gold (14 carats and 18 carats) and the ASTM-F136 grade titanium for their superior quality.

These materials do not contain nickel and are considered to be implantable (can be used as a pose jewelry/drilling jewel).

So we do not recommend surgical steel. It contains nickel and will be less lasting than its colleague the titanium. In addition, only ASTM-F138 grade steel is considered to be implantable, therefore beware of the quality of surgical steel during your shopping sessions. Surgical steel is however very popular thanks to its very low prices, it will not be necessary to neglect the quality aspect of the product beyond the price, these are materials that can leave you scars or infections.

Tragus piercing - 18K gold jewelry - obsidian piercing

Our jewelry for tragus

Which jewelry to choose for a tragus piercing?

Your ear cartilage jewelry add a touch of originality to your style. Their visibility makes them popular. Whether it is for a Tragus piercing, Helix piercing or conch piercing, do not hesitate to take the time to choose your composition.

First of all, make sure, with your pierceur, that the healing of your new piercing is on a good way, because it will not be possible to replace the Labret with a ring from the start.

A wide choice is available to you in the case of tragus piercing.

The screwable accessories on Labret (bar) are among the most popular jewelry for it. A head scratched with a zirconium stone will add a shiny side to your composition. Swarovski crystal, zirconium oxide, several possibilities are available to you among the stock of our jewelry. If you want to bring color you can opt for a jewel set with a beautiful opal whether pink, white or blue for example. The attention to the details given to the choice of your composition will make the difference on your style.

You will therefore have a wide choice between a labret with a screwable accessory, a beautiful classic ring or decorated with a stone, a curved bar to which you can put an accessory on each side, an opal or a zircon, a crystal or a stone natural, you will find the jewel that matches with your style ✨

Pay particular attention to the quality that you will adorn in the cartilage of your ear, this being just as important as the aesthetics for your health, which is why you will have to avoid low -end surgical steel and items at low prices. Indeed, "surgical" steel being a fairly low-end material you will have to pay attention to the grade of it, heading to the lowest price you might have unpleasant surprises, surgical steel from Anatometal for example is Grade ASTM-F138. You will also find many people using the term "surgical" steel on ranges of steels also used on construction sites.

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Tragus piercing: healing and rules to follow

How is the healing of tragus piercing?

This will be fast enough for a cartilaginous piercing, and without complications provided you follow the hygiene rules as well as your care routine.

Allow two to six months to heal. In some cases, this can however take up to a year.

At most you will take care of your tragus piercing, the best will happen its healing.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to make a check -up visit to your perceur.

Maintenance rules for a tragus piercing

The tragus is a part of the ear quite vulnerable to infections. It is located at the entrance to the ear canal, often filled with bacteria. This is, in addition, a place that we touch regularly with our hands.

Strict hygiene rules must therefore be followed to ensure rapid healing of your tragus piercing!

Hygiene rules

Rule number one: Avoid touching Your new tragus piercing!

When you have to touch it, make sure you always do it with hands you just washed.

During the week following your tragus piercing, we advise you to treat your tragus piercing by taking your shower. Use a saline solution In order to disinfect it well.

This is completely normal if you feel a little pain in the first days after the implementation of tragus piercing.

Do not move your jewelry after a piercing, especially at the start of healing. This would slow it down, also to create crusts and risks of infection. It will be the same if you decide to change for a ring after 1 or 2 months, by turning it in your ear it could damage the cartilage of your ear and scar tissues.

Daily rules

Be very careful with your tragus piercing using the cotton swabs.

Forget the headphones: these tend to put pressure on tragus piercing.

Avoid hats and accessories that can rub on your new piercing.

When you sleep, do not press your ear against the pillow. This exerts pressure on your tragus piercing and you feel pain. It will be better to sleep on his back or on the other ear.

Also be careful not to hang your jewelry on your clothes or bed sheets.

If you discover that a ball has formed around your piercing, this is not necessarily serious, it can be a slight outgrowth following friction, one cannot qualify a cheloid ball before at least 18 months. However, you will have to make an appointment with your perception so that it can give you the directives and will normally get rid of this small ball of outgrowth.

Tragus piercing - Quality jewelry - Obsidian piercing

What maintenance rules follow after the healing of the tragus piercing?

The crime in the ear has the ability to stop bacteria that want to go to the eardrum. Your tragus piercing is therefore very close to these bacteria. Make sure Always clean your jewelry at the same time as your ear dungeon.

When to change a jewel at tragus piercing?

Ask your pierceur advice to change your tragus piercing for the first time. He alone can tell you if the moment is well chosen for this somewhat stressful operation.

In addition, it gives you information compared to jewelry, the size of the bar and how to change your tragus piercing.

Doing this operation alone can be quite complicated!

It takes at least one to two months to change your jewelry completely.

The first bar (the labret) used when installing piercing is quite long. This is normal because the piercing swells.

You can decide to keep this labret and only change the accessory to be screwed at the end of the bar from the first weeks, but we will wait until the piercing has sufficiently deflated before changing the bar (Labret).

Wait at a minimum of 1 to 2 months before replacing your labret with a ring, when it is done, you will have to be vigilant not to play with the ring to avoid irritation.

Titanium piercing - Zircon cabochon

Latest tips for a tragus piercing without pain and healthy

Be careful not to lose your tragus piercing in the first months: it tends to quickly get upset.

Finally, if you go to the beach, take care of the sand that is embedded in your tragus piercing to avoid any risk of irritation / infection.

If you are allergic or sensitive to certain materials we will not stop advising you on surgical steel, especially since the cartilage of the ear is a sensitive area, we will recommend the titanium more, that you can make anodize for him Give a different color (gold, rose gold, blue, etc.). Surgical steel will have a lower price than titanium, but for a body jewelry it is important not to neglect the quality aspect to have the best possible experience.

You will also have to be vigilant that your pierceur puts a labret for installation and not a ring to avoid complications later, being patient will be beneficial to you.

We offer free delivery in 48 hours for orders to mainland France when piercings are in stock.

We hope to have answered your questions about the tragus piercing and that this article will have been useful to you, Leave us a comment On your experience or apprehensions over this famous tragus piercing!

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions in the comments or via the page contact From our site, we are available by email or by phone to answer your questions.

Our jewelry for tragus

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