Why wear PVD Gold?

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Have you ever seen our range of PVD Gold piercings on our site? And yes, adopting this material for your jewelry is the beauty guaranteed. At Obsidian, we love to find new nuggets for you, but above all noble materials, which are adapted to your skin.

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What is PVD Gold?

If we take a closer look at PVD's meaning? In English, it means: Physical Vapor Deposition. Otherwise called in French, physical deposit in the vapor phase. A fairly technical term that does not tell you more, we grant you!

It’s just a surface treatment similar to gold plated. It makes it possible to obtain quality jewelry with yellow gold or even pink at a lower price than real gold piercings. This coating process is interesting because it provides a shiny finish. PVD Gold uses equipment called "titanium nitride" which brings in sustainability.

Why choose PVD Gold?

There are many advantages of PVD Gold. Compared to a standard gold tackle, the PVD Gold is thicker and therefore more resistant. Its greatest advantage and not the least, it has non-negligible sustainability. That is to say, he resists daily, which gives him a longer lifespan (about 3 years) being worn every day, unlike a 3 microns gold plated jewel which will hold at least 3 times shorter time.

The more "traditional" gold plated is carried out by a "water" system and does not work on the titanium. Indeed, the base of the jewelry is plunged into an electrolytic bath. This bath is filled with a solution that will dissolve the material and thus allow you to deposit on the jewel.

Even if the material can discolor over time, it will only be carried out very slightly and after a number of years. Regarding our PVD Gold jewelry, they are made between 4 and 6 microns. In most jewelry lines selling gold plated the rate is generally 3 microns.

What is the difference with real gold?

For a golden jewelry that will follow you all your life, we advise you to opt for gold 14/18K.

The PVD Gold comes to cover the jewel with a thin layer of 4 to 6 gold microns, the gold plated as it often represents a thin layer of 3 microns. When we express the number of carats of a jewel it is to know its gold capacity, an 18 carat gold jewelry will therefore contain 75% gold, 14 carats represents 58% gold in the jewel.

True gold for your jewelry is necessarily more expensive, but it represents a real investment because it will never leave you. The PVD Gold, however, represents an option to acquire beautiful less expensive jewelry. At Obsidian we offer these two possibilities for a maximum of choices! Nothing prevents you from combining these two materials for your piercings.

A 14/18K gold jewelry is hypoallergenic, however a PVD Gold or Gold Plated jewel is not necessarily, this will depend on the material composing most of the jewelry.

Monitor the material of the jewelry

Whether in PVD Gold or Gold Plated, a micron is a thousandth of a millimeter. It is therefore important to know the material of the jewel which remains its main component, if it is in steel for example, it will therefore include nickel, only the 316LVM grade is considered implantable and less allergen. A gold -plated silver jewelry is also not implantable and will resist very badly with water. These two types of jewelry are as less resistant than gold or titanium. At Obsidian All our PVD Gold jewelry are in an implantable grade titanium, guaranteed nickel -free and resistant to water and life :)

PVD Gold piercings jewelry

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to wear jewelry. Some people prefer traditional forms with several details. Others prefer simple and classic lines. Whatever the style of jewelry you prefer to wear, do not forget to select beautiful good quality jewelry for your skin. So, convinced by the PVD Gold? We invite you to visit our page dedicated to these sublime jewelry just here :)

The approximate durations before degradation of jewelry are given as an indication, this will necessarily depend on the maintenance of the jewelry as well as its exposure to different products or if it is carried continuously or not.

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