If you do your shopping on Obsidian Piercing, then you probably like piercings and body jewelry as we do. Piercing is no longer reserved for a particular genre of people; He is now part of modern culture and is a perfect way for a woman or a man to wear jewelry adding personality to her style. This is where we intervene with our selection of trendy piercing jewelry, chosen from the biggest brands (Anatometal, Industrial Strength, ...)

Piercings jewelry

OurValues : As a customer, we are always looking for the best deals while having the best possible quality. This is why we offer high -end piercing jewelry at a price accessible for these kinds of materials. Some of our prices may not be what you will find cheaper on the market, the reason being that we do not want to offer you only what is best, and pay attention to what you only wear The quality that your piercings deserves.

Assignment : Obsidian Piercing is Thomas & Gwendal's project, after 8 years of experience in the body piercing. In response to a lack of quality jewelry offers to individuals online and a growing need to have new pieces delivered to your home to your collection.

Security : All our jewelry is guaranteed without nickel so that you do not risk allergies or infections, with our piercings, fear to wear them continuously whether by sleeping, in the shower, ... the increased resistance of materials Superior is one of the assets of titanium and solid gold jewelry.

Customer service : Because you are not alone, the obsidian piercing team remains at your disposal to help you when choosing your new acquisitions, it is not always easy to find the perfect jewel adapted to its piercing, let yourself be accompanied by Our experts. We want to make sure that your experience at Obsidian takes place at best, the choice of your new room on our site when you open your order, which is why all our jewelry arrives in a sealed packaging in order to guarantee the best possible hygiene And that they remain like new. If unfortunately your piercing arrives damaged it will be immediately exchanged for a new one.

Selection : A variety of jewelry ranging from the hinge ring for your ear or nose piercing, via the barbell or horse iron, clicker for nipple, septum or daith ... Sublimate your style with a trendy piercing jewel for your Hélix, Conch, Tragus, Lobe, Rook or Anti-Hélix, there is something for all looks!

We meticulously select each piece so that it corresponds to our quality standard, with the aim of offering you the best experience, our range of titanium piercing meets the ASTM-F136 standard recommended by the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) , our jewelry in gold is in 14 and 18 carats, to guarantee a sufficient level of purity, without mixtures with alloys that can be harmful.

We wish you a pleasant visit to the obsidian piercing site and remain at your disposal to guide you during your shopping.