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Names of different ear piercings

Ear piercings are probably the most popular, with so many possibilities to add personality to his style while remaining "safe for work", because unfortunately some more visible as on the nose or septum can be less well accepted in business.

Nothing more pleasant than making your creativity work and creating your own ear jewelry compositions, combining different types of piercing (rings, bars, bananas, earrings, etc.), different colors (thanks to anodization On titanium jewelry in particular, or thanks to gold), or even by varying between diamonds and natural stones.

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Having the ears unscrew is common in women but it also becomes very popular in humans, no longer only in lobe but other piercings with ear cartilage.

From lobe to helix, passing through the famous Daith piercing called "anti-migraine", a wide choice is available to you, so this is where we intervene to accompany you in your decision.

Obsidian Piercing - Helix jewelry


the Helix piercing is from the upper part of the lobe to the top of the ear, the helix represents the more or less withdrawn part on itself depending on the morphology of each. It is therefore possible to make several piercings on the edge of the ear. Helix piercing is in cartilage so can be painful depending on the sensitivity to the pain of each.

Find our Complete guide on helix piercing On our blog, we talk about healing, jewelry, care and many other things.

Types of jewelry for Helix piercing: The most frequent is the rings, but it is also possible to place different jewelry there such as screwable accessories with Labret.

Healing time: According to the daily maintenance carried out by everyone, the healing time of a helix piercing can range from 3 to 6 months.


Obsidian Piercing - Tragus jewelry


Among the most trendy is tragus piercing, the tragus is the piece of cartilage which is just above the exit of the external auditory duct (ear orifice). The drilling is generally not very painful due to the small number of nerve endings in the tragus. It is generally pierced in the middle thanks to a fairly fine needle.

Find our blog our Complete guide on tragus piercing For more information regarding healing, jewelry, pain and much more.

You will also find on our shop our selection of piercing jewelry for tragus, made from higher materials, offered at an accessible price, with free delivery in 48 hours to mainland France for any order greater than € 50.

Types of jewelry for tragus piercing: The most common is probably the screwable accessories with Labret, it is still possible to put a ring there.

Healing time: Tragus piercing can take between 2 and 6 months to heal depending on the care you have given to your new piercing.


Obsidian Piercing - Conch jewelry


Conch piercing is located in the middle of the cartilage of the ear, it has a variant closer to the helix called "Contraconch" or also "Outing Conch" in English. The term conch in piercing is also used in France even if we should translate it into "conch", this part of the ear is called in this way because it would look like a conch shell (little glamorous as comparison).

It is a piercing which can be positioned in different ways and which will therefore require a reflection beforehand, in order to obtain the result which suits you the most.

Find our Complete guide on conch piercing On the blog.

Types of jewelry for conch piercing: You can put almost any type of jewelry there, it will also depend on the position you have chosen for your piercing, you can opt for a ring, a straight bar or screwable accessories with Labret ..

Healing time: The healing of a conch piercing can go up to 3 months up to 1 year for a complete healing.


Obsidian Piercing - Daith jewelry


Daith piercing is done in the final part of the helix in the cartilage just above the external auditory duct (ear orifice). In order not to damage the surrounding cartilage it is necessary to use a curved needle to make this piercing.

You may have already heard of the virtues of daith piercing against migraines, nothing is currently scientifically proven, but several positive testimonies go in favor of its anti-migraine profits. In the worst case, if it does not solve your problems you will go out at least with a new beautiful piercing!

Types of jewelry for Daith piercing: In the majority of cases we will put rings on a daith piercing, it is however also possible to place a curved bar with screwable accessories.

Healing time: It will take between 2 and 4 months to have a complete healing of your piercing.


Obsidian piercing - Lobe jewelry


Undeniably the most pierced area, whether in women or man. The price of this piercing being less the cheapest, this also makes it a very accessible piercing. The lobe is the widest and most soft part of the ear, its drilling is not very painful. Depending on the size of your lobe, it may be able to accommodate up to 3 see 4 piercings.

Types of jewelry for piercing lobe: Rings, screwable accessories in Labret, earrings, you can put all kinds of jewelry there. You will find in particular on our shop these different types of jewelry in superior quality materials.

Healing time: Lobe piercing is the fastest to heal, it will take between 1 and 2 months in total.

Ear piercing - White opal banana rook - obsidian piercing


Rook piercing is considered one of the most painful, it is on the cartilage part which forms a withdrawal against the anti-Hélix. According to people some may not be "eligible" for this piercing, if the part of the ear forming a withdrawal is not pronounced enough.

Jewelry types: We will frequently opt for curved barbell jewelry, but it is also possible to put a ring there.

Healing time: Like the other cartilage piercings, rook piercing can take up to 12 to 18 months to completely heal.

Ear piercing - Anti Helix Balls Gold 18K - Obsidian piercing


The anti-Hélix piercing is on the part of the helix closest to the face. It is also common to see several piercings at the anti-Hélix to place several rings for example.

Types of jewelry for anti-Halix piercing: Most of the time we will see rings there, you can also place screwable accessories in Labret.

Healing time: Unlike a basic helix piercing, anti-Hélix piercing can take longer to heal due to its greatest exposure to bacteria, the anti-Hélix therefore puts between 6 months and 1 year to heal.



Industrial piercing (or also known as "Scaffold" piercing), this piercing is the combination of two piercings joining by a right bar, connecting a piercing to the anti-Hélix by a piercing closer to the beginning of 'Helix just above the conch. As with a rook piercing, some people will not be able to make an industrial piercing according to the shape of their ear. The industrialist is today as much appreciated by the woman as of the man, so make you happy gentlemen!

Type of jewelry for industrial piercing: We use jewelry specially conceptions for industrial piercing, such as a large right barbell.

Healing time: The complete healing of industrial piercing can take 6 months to 1 year depending on the rigor in the care given to the new piercing.



Like rook piercing, snug piercing remains unusual. This piercing is located on the same part of the cartilage of the ear as the rook, but lower on it, facing the external auditory duct. Like piercing its colleague, it passes through two layers of cartilage and can therefore be painful.

Types of jewelry for snug piercing: Due to its location The Snug piercing will accommodate small jewelry like a small ring or a curved barbell.

Healing time: As with a conch piercing, the SNUG can put 12 to 18 months to heal.

Maintenance rules for ear piercing:

The healing time will vary greatly, for a cartilage piercing It will necessarily take more time than for a lobe piercing for example. Cartilage is avascular, which means that little blood circulates in this area, which is why piercings in this area take more time to heal and will be more sensitive to infections. The lobe has a higher blood flow, so it does not have the same problems.

It will therefore be necessary to follow a care routine and interview instructions so that everything goes as best as possible.

In addition to Always have clean hands To touch your piercing and clean it 2 to 3 times a day using a saline solution it will be necessary:

  • Avoid playing with your piercing jewelry. It would be tempting to play with your jewelry and break the small crusts in your ear, but it could irritate the tissues of the skin or bring bacteria. To remove the crusts, it will simply be necessary to remove them with delicacy using a compress soaked in a saline solution.
  • Watch out for clashes. Whether with your hair, a garment, or your hands, your piercing jewelry may be in the way and clings. Not only can it hurt, but it could also generate complications such as rejection of piercing or a scar. If you have long hair, do not hesitate to attach it hanging the first weeks of healing. It will also be necessary to avoid headphones and promote a helmet that does not pressure the ear.
  • Avoid lengthening on your pierced ear. This is why we will often advise you not to pierce both ears at the same time, otherwise it may be complicated if you are not comfortable sleeping on your back. You will also have to be careful to sleep on a clean pillow every night, to avoid bacteria in your new piercing. If you are not determined to clean your pillowcase daily, you can simply put a clean garment over it.
  • Beware of what you consume. As with any healing, it will happen better if you take care of your body. This means: stay hydrated, sleep enough, avoid drinking alcohol or smoking in too much.

How to choose the right piercing jewelry

For a new piercing it will be essential to choose an implantable grade jewel, you can notably find the list of standards for installation jewelry on the app in the app clicking here

What material to choose

  • Titanium: Titanium is an improved version of surgical steel, it is lighter, contains no nickel and will be more durable. It is hypoallergenic and can be used as an installation jewel in its ASTM-F136 grade.
  • Gold: If you like classes and sustainable jewelry, gold will be your best choice. Provided to take care of it, he will return it to you, accompanying you all your life. For an implantable piercing jewel you will have to choose a 14 or 18 carat gold jewelry, because the 9 carats contains nickel and the 24 carats is too flexible to make it a piercing jewel. It is very strongly not recommended to use a gold plated jewel as a pose jewel.
  • Surgical steel: Steel jewelry has become popular thanks to their very low price, however these jewelry contains nickel, 10% of which are an allergy, and are not very durable. It is also not recommended to wear it as an installation jewel. However, he is considered implantable in his Grade ASTM-F138.
  • Silver: This is also to be avoided as an installation jewel, because it is often only 92.5% pure and composed of other alloys (including nickel in particular) which risk causing infections. The money is also very flexible and may damage or scratch, which will therefore expose you to infections. This is why at Obsidian we do not recommend the use of money for your piercing, unless it is completely heal and you do not wear the jewelry for too long.

Choose the right size

For your pose jewelry, the pierrur will choose an adapted size to be able to accommodate a slight swelling, it will therefore put you later when your piercing has deflated, a more suitable bar or ring.

If your piercing is already healed and you want to order a jewel by yourself, on our shop for example, we have made a size guide With the standards used by piercing professionals.


We hope you have found information that can help you in this article. The obsidian piercing team always remains at your disposal via our social networks, or by email to the address

You will find on our online store a wide choice of piercings jewelry for your 14/18K gold ears or titanium ASTM-F136, all our jewelry is guaranteed without nickel and are resistant to life. In addition, we offer free delivery for any order greater than € 50 to metropolitan France!

We would be delighted to have your opinion on these different piercing or your experience with them, do not hesitate to leave us a comment at the bottom of this article. ✨

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