Quel piercing oreille vous correspond ?

What ear piercing suits you?

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Have you always wanted to pierce your ears, but you don't know where to start? This article is made for you ! The piercings bring you style and perfectly connect your look on a daily basis. You will quickly become addicted to piercings cartilage. The Ear jewelry are fashionable as much for men as for women. Whether in the lobe or on other part of the cartilage by your ear. You will be able to make hundreds of different combinations with your new jewelry. We regularly post ear photos with sublime piercing compositions, Discover them on our Obsidian Piercing social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or Pinterest).

Know that we take the time to offer you various and all more original associations than each other. Brilliant curls, original jewelry, color and rhinestones ... You will love to create new compositions for your ears. Whether you are silver or golden team for your jewelry, we have it for alltastes !

How to choose your ear piercing?

We all have different ears. We must therefore adapt the choice of piercings to morphologies of each person. Some ears can, for example, accommodate 3 holes with the lobe, while some will not be able to exceed 2 lobes holes. A piercing that is not adapted to the shape of your ear may have trouble healing and this can especially lead pain and complications. Be sure to select the place for your piercing act. We advise you to head to a specialist so a piercing salon. He will be able to advise you on your future piercing as well as the material or the price. If you are still asking yourself questions about it, you can consult our article "How to choose The best pierceur Or the best piercing lounge?". Obviously, we ban the drilling in jewelers as well as the pistol method! The sterile needle is your best friend. Note that there are several drilling thicknesses: 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm. Although in general the drilling will be in 1.2mm which is a standard size in terms of ear piercing jewelry. Regarding the drilling, your pierceur will be best placed to orient you towards the size that best suits your ear. We have prepared you a selection of 5 most popular piercings. This will undoubtedly help you make your choice if you still hesitate!

  • 1 1 piercing lobe: basic drilling
The lobe drilling is a basic.If you do not have any ears piercing, we advise you to start with this great classic. You can for example make two of them see three at once. Be sure to have one ears at a time. Indeed, healing will be more complicated if you cannot sleep on any side. It is therefore more judicious to wait for your healing side to continue on the other part. The pain of a lobe piercing is very minimal. He will heal very quickly, between 2 and 3 months, especially if you have opted for a piercing on Labret. Is healing over? You will be able to choose a new gem and even a ring. Regarding the diameter of the ring for a lobe, we recommend 8 or 10mm.
  • N ° 2 Helix piercing: the most popular cartillaing piercing

You must surely know it, Helix piercing is the most popular after that of the lobes. It generally takes 3 to 6 months to heal. With a good treatment routine, you will be able to enjoy perfect healing, it is the most important. In terms of the choice of jewelry, you will be able to go on a ring or a piercing on Labret. The helix is ​​the ideal piercing if you want to add a big shiny jewel. And that falls very well because we have a stock of jewelry with a lot of choices.

  • N ° 3 piercing conch: a grand piercing

Conch piercing is ideal for bringing brightness to your ear. If you like more worked rings, you will be able to have fun. The ring Alrakis For example, is a triple ring. It is also possible to put a jewel at the conch. However, the ring will be much more! Note that for all piercings, including the conch, you will have to wear a jewel on the first months. Indeed, your perceur will always recommend the latter, for a more effective healing. He will also recommend noble materials and not surgical steel. In terms of healing, it will take a little more time than a helix piercing: 3 months to 1 year.

  • N ° 4 Tragus piercing: adorable piercing

Tragus drilling is ideal if you want a discreet jewelry. Most of the time, you will wear a piercing on Labret at this level of the ear. You can later choose a 6mm ring. We love to wear a trinity at the tragus or a head scratched. The tragus cartilage is quite fine, the pain can be more or less light depending on your ear.

  • N ° 5 piercing daith: for addicts to piercing

Daith piercing, also known for its benefits against migraines, is an incredible drilling. If you want to decorate your ear with a beautiful ring, this is the ideal location. The best is to opt for the jewelry Apollo. One of our most beautiful piercings! We recommend doing the Daith after a few piercings already carried out on your ears. The pain can be a little more intense than on the helix for example. But don't worry, it's only a few seconds. Regarding the healing period, you can count at least 4 months. If you want to get new jewelry, recommend materials like titanium and gold. Steel Entregurgical is not recommended for your skin.

So that you can view your next ear piercing, below the location that corresponds to each type of piercing. There are other piercings that you can do such as: Rook, Anti Helix, Anti-Tragus or the Industrialist.

Guide piercing ear

If you still hesitate about the drilling order, you can find all our healing advice and pain on our article 'Ear piercing - Name, healing, jewelry, we tell you everything!' 

What ear piercing hurts?

Know that the pain of a piercing is very subjective from one person to another. Rest assured, the drilling of a ear only lasts a few seconds. If you follow all our advice, you will not have any more scarring problems. On the other hand, a poorly performed piercing or that is not properly maintained can hurt. You may feel a slight pain in the first days and your ear skin is red. It always takes a little time before your body gets used to the new jewel. Note that the cartilage drilling always takes more time to heal than a piercing with lobes because they have no cartilage and fewer nerve endings. We advise you to opt for a type of piercing on a labret bar for the healing Rather than a loop. This promotes healing.

To give you a little idea of ​​a piercing composition, we have highlighted an ear. Below, the jewelry Situ is brought to the Helix, a Eternity In Conch, a ring Electra at the first lobe and a basic ring In the second hole.

Ear piercing composition

What is the price to get your ears pierced?

The price of a drilling often varies depending on the location and the location of the pierceur. Know that it is important not to look at the price, but many other more important criteria such as the reputation of the shop or even cleanliness. The price of drilling the ear lobe is between 20 € and 40 €, the price will often be declining if you want to make both lobes or several holes directly. Regarding other cartilage piercings (conch, tragus, Helix, Rook, Daith…) You will pay between 40 € and 70 € depending on your location and the reputation of the store.

Which jewel to choose for your ear?

Once your ear is healed, you will be able to change your jewelry. You have patience, well done! We advise you to opt for Gold or Titanium. These are the best materials for your ear jewelry. Beware of low -cost piercings, they do not represent the best choice for the health of your skin. You can also see that many people will sell you surgical steel jewelry, it is unfortunately not recommended for your skin. There are risks of more frequent infections with steel. This is why obsidian piercing offers you respectful piercings for your skin. Whether you are a fan of rings or cute jewelry, you can discover our selection on our online store. We also offer other jewelry such as: a horseshoe for your septum, barbell jewelry for nipple ... for women and men! You will quickly swap your pair of steel curls against obsidian or gold obsidian piercings.

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Know that you can become addict to ears piercings. Once you are going to make one with the lobe, you will blame another at the Helix then in the tragus and so on. It is true that we see more and more ears with several curls and jewelry. Ear piercing is now inked in fashions and in our daily lives. Beyond a simple accessory, it brings out your personality. The piercing is also present elsewhere than on our ears: nose, septum, navel ... Many possibilities are available to you. Know that we offer different types of silver jewelry and Gold that agree, to invent several types of compositions!

The entire Obsidian team is at your disposal to advise you on the purchase of your next piercing. Whether silver or gold, loop or labret, you canContact us about your next piercing! It is often possible to have a doubt about the size and length of the jewelry, do not hesitate to consult our size guide. Note that we offer fast delivery (free from 50 euros of purchase) and customer service at your service. You can also discover our nose or nose piercings on our site ♥

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