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Piercings and sport

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Several people from the Obsidian community are sports fueled! And we understand it too. This is why it was important to explain the precautions To be taken with your piercings, if you are a great sportsman. When your piercing is fresh, there are always rules To be respected to have good healing without complications. When you go to your pierceur, it will provide you with the instructions about care daily life for a good healing.

Can I keep a piercing during my sports session?

Some sports require more than protection that others. Indeed, if you practice dance, bodybuilding or even running, piercings in the face (ear, language, nose ...) are not afraid of much. The only risk piercing is that of navel. Always avoid carrying high -waisted sports leggings, or a brassany too tight for a Network piercing, This could cause friction to your jewelry. You can opt for a fluid garment that will not stick your skin for example. Also be careful, if you like to listen to music during your training, it is advisable to use a helmet that does not come into contact with your piercing, headphones could hit your new tragus or daith piercing, if you have just made a piercing at the helix Choose a helmet that will not exert pressure on it.
Combat or physical and contact sports such as rugby present more risks for your new piercing, because you already risk friction but also to bring bacteria. Once the piercing is heard you will be able to practice any sport. Good news isn't it? And yes, once the healing is complete you can remove your jewelry for your practice, for a few hours for this kind of sport at risk. No risk for you that the hole is rebuilt after a few hours If it is well healed.

Maintenance of his piercing after his sport

During your sports session, you will sweat. There will also be some dirt and other bacteria that can be present on your sports equipment. Do not hesitate to clean your piercing after your sports session using physiological serum or a saline solution. Do not forget to take care of your new piercing. Note that this is also the case when he is healing, we must always take care of to clean From time to time his jewelry. If you are still asking yourself questions about your piercing, you will find all the necessary information here.

Risk sport piercing

Piercings and competition

Some athletes with new piercings use adhesive tape to cover jewelry during sporting events. the Scotch prevents piercings from getting caught in clothing or sports equipment. However, it must remain exceptional. If you really have no choice, you can use this technical. Note all the same that you can irritate the area and risk an infection or an outgrowth following this. It is therefore recommended to do it as a last resort. In the end, the best practice for athletes is to always remove the jewelry from the body before making a competition. Talk about it with your pierceur and determine with him the best time for you to remove or make your piercing. In general, the piercer will ask you a slightly longer piercing so as not to hinder the first healing phase because your piercing may slightly inflate. After 1 to 2 months and your control visit to your pierceur, we will replace your first bar with a shorter, it will reduce the clashes, but be careful!

To summarize, some tips for a good sport practice with a fresh piercing:

  • Wait at least 1 or 2 months before going to bathe at the pool or the sea

  • After a shower during your training, do not leave the damp jewelry and dry it directly with your clean towel

  • Follow the care routine provided by your pierceur with diligence

  • Sweat does not represent a danger for your piercing

We hope to have enlightened you about the practice of sport and piercing jewelry. Keep in mind that a well -cleaned piercing is a piercing that cannot be infected, at least you will minimize the risk of infections. Opt for a jewel Obsidian, it is to ensure a good quality For your skin while having style. We invite you to discover our collection of titanium or gold jewelry. Whether for your ears or your navel, you will find your happiness there.

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