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Discover what happened at Obsidian Piercing in March

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Today, we offer a brand new more interactive article format. The summary of the month allows you to take you with us behind the scenes of obsidian piercing. This is important for our team to show you what we put in place to satisfy you a little more every day. Beyond your satisfaction, we are a real team of piercing enthusiasts.
We also wear them every day, like you ♥

A new shoot that makes you want to sun

At the beginning of March, we completed a shoot that makes you want to brunch in the sun. Albane, our model of the month, carries our obsidian compositions for a wonderful rendering. We have selected an exceptional place for this shoot: Kafeenn Bénodet. A restaurant that offers brunch but also a lot of culinary discoveries such as several kinds of coffee, chocolate or even tea. Do not hesitate to go to the site or even on their social networks, a secure favorite. You may have already seen the photos on our social networks And if this is not the case, we invite you to take a look ... and why not give us your opinion!

Ear jewelry piercing gold titanium

Our commitment to the fight against breast cancer

It was important for us to engage with an association that makes sense for our team. So we contacted the Foundation BOW for breast cancer research. Today, our customers represent 90% of women at Obsidian. So we decided to pay a percentage of our turnover. Throughout the year, we will communicate on this subject to raise awareness.

Payment in 3 or 4 times for our customers

Alma is a payment platform that offers payment in several times. Compulsive purchases, we know! This is why the solution to pay in 2 or 3 times free of charge was essential for us on obsidian piercing. This payment is available for baskets of 80 euros and more. You can have fun now.

Our team influences in force

In March, we collaborated with 8 influencers! A real pleasure to interact with people who love our jewelry. We leave them carte blanche about content creation and we are never disappointed. In April, we aim to continue to collaborate with them to develop our notoriety on the networks.

And at the office?

Our new team has appropriated its new offices for 3 months. We find our rhythm and it all starts to take shape as you go. Some members of our team bring good humor on a daily basis thanks to the two doggies that visit us from time to time. Lexy, an Australian shepherd and Ouzo le Husky. We are lucky to work in a good atmosphere with beautiful products on which we can communicate on a daily basis. Ah yes ... A big surprise arrives in the coming months ... Soon the Obsidian team will work in another environment. Come on, we have already said too much.

Life at the Obsidian Bureau Piercing
Time passes if you can't find it? A hint of teasing (or not) for the month of April ... You have probably noticed that we are currently offering several gold tickets to be won in orders. This Easter operation will not make you eat too much chocolate but rather will offer you the possibility of renewing your jewelry collection!

Too nice isn't it? Do not hesitate to tell us if this article format has you more, we will be happy to read you.

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