4 conseils pour une composition de piercings d'oreille

4 tips for a composition of ear piercings

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The ear Offers a lot of space to create its own composition of piercings. Ear lobe up, there are several Types of piercings different that you can get. One of the best trends of jewelry of the moment is the stack of jewelry. Handling textures, shapes, is therefore very important. So, yes, we suspect that you dream of an original and granted rally!

It is important to note that each style adapts differently on each ear morphology. So do not hesitate to appropriate yours. Unique like you. Also remember that you can wear two different styles on each ear. No need to connect your left ear to your right ear. The goal is to be original and bring maximum shine to your style through piercing. It is for this reason that we do not sell our jewelry in pairs, so that you can have more combination possibilities.

So we reveal 4 tips that will be very useful to you on a daily basis to have a super trendy look! Before you venture into an ear composition, here is a little recall of sizes for your jewelry:

Bijoux piercing ear composition

N ° 1: opt for some basic models

Back to basics! And yes, it is important to keep a basic or two basic jewelry that provides a cut between certain materials. Basic rings are ideal for sublimate the ear and fully agree with more original piercing jewelry. You can also opt for a trio or another jewel with classic patterns. These are basic pieces that are important from the first design of your collection. You can also crack on a beautiful sparkling, grandiose and thus accompany it with more basic models. In general, we advise you to start with the lobes and then Helix which is probably piercing with the least painful ear cartilage. Once you have obtained these piercings you can continue your composition according to your desires!

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N ° 2: Favor good quality jewelry

A beautiful composition is important for an incomparable style. Do you dream of many piercings in your ear? Very good choice ! However, you must be planned on the quality of your jewelry. Do not hesitate to first acquire good jewelry. We remind you that quality is more important than quantity, all the more in the world of piercing. Obsidian selection is made for your ears and take care of your skin. thetitanium De Grade ASTM-F136 and its PVD Gold variant are hypoallergenic and lasting materials for you. If you want to wear high quality, we recommend theMassive gold 14 or 18 carats. Sumptuous jewelry that will accompany you for life. If you have several piercing at the lobe, the ideal is to opt for rings and sprinkle small jewels such as a hammered moon or a star. The jewelry stacking is fashionable, so have fun!

N ° 3 Alternate the textures

A beautiful composition is also knowing how to alternate textures. This technique aims to give more energy to your stack and therefore more style. For example, if you want three rings with lobes, you can already vary the sizes and shapes. A ring Eternity In 8mm first, a ring Electra In second in 10mm and finally a Belenos ring in 10mm. Obviously, this is just one example among so many other possibilities! We advise you to opt for a PVD gold or silver composition and therefore in titanium. It is not compulsory to have symmetrical ear compositions.

N ° 4 Be original

There are many possibilities for composition so treat yourself! No worries, you can also opt for a classic jewelry and without textures. It also depends on your ear morphology and your tastes. However, the trend is to originality. Remember that it is important to go step by step. If you want to enlarge your composition, you can make new piercings. Do not pierce your two ears at the same time, it may otherwise be uncomfortable to sleep, unless enjoying sleeping on your back all night. Better to choose safety to ensure healing of your fastest and without incorrect piercing. Patience and originality, are the two watchwords of a successful piercing jewelry composition!

Ear composition jewelry piercings

You can take inspiration on our website or social networks. Do not hesitate to register for our newsletter to have all the necessary information. You can also send us your best compositions with your obsidian jewelry! It’s always a pleasure for us to read you. Remember that our first source of inspiration is you :)

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