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Enter piercing - What are the prices?

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For you or your child, you always ask ourselves The question of price, however, we recommend that you Do not use it as a factor of choice When you are looking to be pierced, especially when it is for a child. Indeed, opting for an inexpensive solution can often be synonymous with poor hygiene or lack of expertise conditions. Make a Ear piercing Or else about your body, besides, it is voluntarily inflicting a scar that you will have most of the time for life, would you trust anyone to do this? We neither ..

PVD Gold PVD ear piercing jewelry - Price guide

Piercing salon or jewelry?

In addition to not having expertise in the field of piercing, the equipment used in jewelry is often not really suitable. However, we have all seen around us people who have been pierced with the lobes with a jeweler, probably at a young age. But just because the experience has not been fruitful for her that he will go the same for you. Piercing being an irreversible act it is better to take your time and choose the best solution, for this we can already look at the material used.

So, pistol or needle?

One thing is certain, The pistol is definitely to flee ! Already, it is reusable, even if it is cleaned, from a hygiene point of view, this is not the best. If it is not meticulously cleaned (sometimes even if it is) you could be put in direct contact with the blood of others, you probably know the risks. In addition, the piercing gun is likely to damage your fabrics, it comes to put pressure on the surface enough to pass through it, which is closer to a crushing injury than a real piercing. Therefore we are going Promote a sterile needle piercing, it must be for single use, it will only serve once on you, so you will not risk being in contact with the blood of another person or other bacteria. In addition, this is designed specifically to pierce the area without forcing on the surface and will therefore come to make a cleaner piercing, in this way you will risk less complications and healing should be simpler provided that you respect the routine of care properly.

Ear piercing difference between the needle and the piercing gun

If we approached the subject of the equipment first, it is to come to the first problem of being pierced in jewelry rather than a professional pierceur. It is very rare to see nonexistent to find a jeweler using the techniques and equipment of a piercing salon and respecting all the hygiene conditions that we are looking for. We will surely agree on it, being pierced in the middle of a jewelry on a stool is not optimal.

When you have back pain, you will trust a physiotherapist or an osteopath more than his general practitioner. It should be the same in the field of piercing, unfortunately it is not yet natural for everyone.

That being said, Any piercing salon is not equal, be sure to find a pierceur respecting hygiene rules, using single -use sterile needles, which will put the installation jewel adapted to a new piercing, therefore sterilized piercing jewelry. Do not hesitate to watch the opinions of the show beforehand, by relying on the objective opinions, a bad opinion concerning an outgrowth can very well come from non -compliance with the care instructions for the right healing.

Ear piercing price

The price of a piercing in your ear will vary according to several factors, the location of it on your ear, your location (province or big city), the reputation of the show ... We can however indicate a range for information so that you can have an idea. This price range includes in most cases a basic jewel called "installation", therefore sterilized. It is very strongly recommended that it is in an implantable grade titanium (ASTM-F136) or in 14 or 18 carat gold.

Lobes: Between 20 and 40 €, the price will often be decreasing if you want to make both lobes or several holes directly. But why is it cheaper than the others? This piercing requires the same material and the same technicality as another piercing with the cartilage of the ear however .. but this is due to the fact that the perpetrators want to encourage a greater world to go to the living room to be pierced correctly rather that in jewelry where the price is much more competitive (due to a lower quality of service), even if it means being less profitable.

Ear cartilage (helix, conch, tragus, daith, rook, ...): Between 40 and 70 €

Industrial : 50 to 80 € it being more complicated and requiring to make 2 piercings, it will often be more expensive than a more classic cartilage piercing like helix for example.

Some salons will offer you the act of piercing according to the price of the jewelry chosen, often when you choose to buy a jewel of gold piercing for example.

Many piercing salons also offer a discount if you make several piercings the same day, be careful however to make them on the same ear if you do not want to have to sleep on your back for several months!

If you just want to have a jewelry that you bought elsewhere than in your living room (on our shop for example 😜), your pierceur can ask you between 5 and 15 €, or offer you the installation according to your loyalty in this living room.

We hope to have answered your questions, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or to discover our range of gold and titanium ear piercing jewelry.

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