Comment choisir le bon perceur ou le meilleur salon de piercing ?

How to choose the good piercer or the best piercing lounge?

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Do you want to be pierced for a while? But you have no idea of ​​the piercing salon where to go? This article is made for you ! Obsidian is above all made up of a team of experts in boduping. We will guide you step by step in this article to make the best decision and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Most research starts online, through Google and local business pages, you can already have a first idea with customer reviews. You can also consult the Facebook or Instagram page. You will be able to obtain relevant information thanks to these first steps.

Your future piercing salon must respect the hygiene rules

When you enter the piercing, check that the studio seems clean and well maintained to you, it is a first sign of professionalism. It is important to find a clean piercing studio, which uses sterile tools and which takes the appropriate precautions during drilling. This includes hand washing and wearing disposable gloves before performing the piercing of course. When choosing your first jewelry, it is best to use materials such as the titanium WhereGold 14/18 carats, two subjects recommended by the app (Association of Professional Piercers). We also advise you to check if it is necessary to make an appointment, as this is often the case. However, you can already visit the store before setting a date to be sure of your choice.

Piercing pierceur jewelry

Forget jewelry and piercing pistols

We can never tell you enough and we regularly see messages on this subject. Do not be pierced in a jewelry that uses pistols to make a ear piercing. Keep in mind that you need a needle at all costs to pierce. The needle should be in a packaging sterilized and sealed, this is for single use and makes it possible to cause as little irritation as possible on your ear. The pistol comes to exert pressure to pass through, which is of course not optimal at all. The same goes for your lobes! If you do not want to have infections or simply damage your ear, the single -use sterile needle remains the best option. Note that the risk of infection or propagation of blood-transferable diseases are much higher with a pistol, because even if cleaned, it is reused many times, and it is complicated to clean it perfectly.

Find out about the piercing studio

Do not hesitate to take a look at examples of piercings that the perceur has carried out in the past. In general, studios are active on Instagram or Facebook. You may be able to choose your jewelry directly. Indeed, the installation jewel is not necessarily a basic jewel that can be called "prosthesis jewel" or "surgical jewelry". You can, if you wish, opt for titanium or gold. You will therefore pay the price of the drilling as well as that of the jewel you will select. Do not hesitate to ask your pieror which jewelry you can choose as a pose jewel.

Also note that the piercing will have to give you a care sheet, that it is important to follow in order to avoid any complications and ensure good healing.

Make sure you do your research well and take the time to find your pierceur. This is a serious procedure, and you should devote as long as you would find a doctor. You will inflict a scar voluntarily, so you have to favor quality at the price, do not just head to the cheapest solution, at the risk of having a bad experience!

After your piercing

Following your new piercing, you will need a new appointment for tracking, with that your pierrur adapts the size of your bar (labret) when the swelling has stopped. The follow -up is also used to see if the healing happens properly, and possibly to change your jewelry on a Labret bar by a ring if you wish. Do not hesitate to ask your pierceur questions if you have a doubt about the maintenance instructions. It is normal to see your swollen skin following the drilling.

If you still have questions, you can also go to our blog article: the routine piercing care.

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