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The Smiley piercing is aptly named. Indeed, it is on the small piece of skin connecting your superior lip to your higher gum, which is also called "Labial brake". This piercing is invisible until you smile. Smiley piercing is one of the most fashionable and original piercings of the moment and is suitable for women and men. The essential piercing to wear at the smiley is horse riding! But you can also wear a ring there.
It is important to clarify that not everyone can be pierced there, some people with a small brake for example. We advise you to request the advice directly from your piercer To find out if you can opt for the Smiley piercing.

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Does the Smiley piercing hurts?

Whether at ear cartilage (Hélix, Tragus, Conch, ..), in the smiley or in the nose a piercing will be a minimum pain. However, we will never fold it enough, but the pain is specific to everyone. However, the Smiley piercing does not hurt that and is even one of those who are most bearable. The explanation is simple: the skin is quite fine at this place and there are few nerve endings, which makes it less painful than a cartilage piercing for example. But do not worry, The pain only lasts a few seconds! Compared to a ear piercing you won't feel it pass. So do not stress and offer a friend to accompany you if it can reassure you.

Print of the Smiley piercing

Your perceur will give you an antibacterial solution to rinse your mouth before drilling. The piercing is carried out with a sterile needle and the perceur systematically carries gloves. Finally, the pierter puts on the jewelry through the hole with a horseshoe or a ring according to your tastes.

If you want to combine the Medusa and Smiley piercing, do not forget to warn your piercing so that it can pierce in the best possible trajectory. Because the labret (bar) of the medusa would risk clinging to your horseshoe or ring at the smiley. We advise you to wait for the healing of one or the other so as not to hinder the second piercing.

Smiley piercing

What is the price of a smiley piercing?

It will take between 40 and 60 € for a smiley piercing, the price will often be the same as for other ear piercings. The price generally includes a classic installation jewel according to the piercing salons. We advise you to go to a pierceur that uses ASTM-F136 titanium jewelry for installation. You can also select a high -end gold jewelry that will start an additional cost during the drill. Know that we strongly do not recommend the so-called "surgical" steel which contains nickel, only the ASTM-F138 grade steel is considered to be implantable and can be used as an installation jewel, it still contains traces of nickel.

Maintenance and hygiene rules

You should never play with a piercing under healing, even less dirty hands. If you move the jewel too much, you may create lesions at your Labial brake and complicate healing. You must also be careful not to play with your jewelry with your language. We understand that it can be tempting, since you are not used to this new accessory, but you must leave your jewelry quiet during the healing period. Appropriate cleaning and care is essential for the right healing.

Here are some tips to apply:

  • Clean your mouth with an alcohol -free mouthwash
  • Rinse your mouth with water after eating
  • Brush your teeth regularly

We do not recommend:

  • Touch the piercing or play with the jewelry
  • To drink alcohol
  • To smoke
  • Use mouths or toothpaste containing alcohol

Can I smoke with a smiley piercing?

It is strongly not recommended for smoking during the healing of your piercing. However, we know that it is difficult to stop for some people. Try to limit the consumption of cigarettes at least the first week to avoid any risk of infection.

Smiley piercing healing

A Smiley piercing generally heals in 4 to 12 weeks. Indeed, the healing of this piercing is quite fast. If you do not follow the recommendations for monitoring your pierceur, your piercing can take longer to heal. You may feel slight pain and swelling in the first two weeks, but these symptoms gradually decrease as the healing process continues. There are rarely infections at the smiley level, but if you do not follow the care routine and hygiene advice to the letter you might face it.

When to change your piercing smiley?

We will avoid changing the jewelry before the healing phase has advanced a minimum. For the first change it will either be necessary to do it with your confidence perceur, or have waited long enough and be sure of healing.

We recommend that you choose a gold or titanium jewel to have a quality piercing jewel, without risk of allergies or infections. You can opt for a horseshoe type piercing or a ring.
You can also discover our collection of Smiley jewelry, you will find many possibilities ranging from horse iron decorated with natural stones to the ring decorated with Zircons.

If you decide to change your jewelry yourself, follow these steps carefully:

  • Rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap
  • Unscrew the jewelry
  • Gently thread the new jewelry through the hole
  • Rinse your mouth again with a saline solution

Smiley Pain Pain Bijoux

Does the Smiley damages the teeth?

If the Smiley piercing is well done, you will not run any risk. If your piercing is poorly placed, it can cause harmful effects on your teeth, going as far as a loosening. Jewelry that is perceived too high at the level of your gums or which rub in any way against your gums can also cause lesions. Also note that you will have to wait before you have a smiley pierced if you wear a dental device.

We hope to have answered all your questions! We can't wait to see your pretty smiley with an obsidian piercing ✨

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