Top 3 Piercing pour homme

Top 3 piercing for men

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The popularity of piercings has increased more and more in recent years. In women, it has even become an essential accessory. Know that it is the same for men. And yes, gentlemen you too are entitled to it. Do you often wonder which piercing for a man? Or what jewel Where pair of loops is in fashion ? Discover some ideas for trendy male piercings. Remember that even if you are a woman, you can obviously wear them. Some men piercing are more popular than others, but we have gone to 3 unequal trends just for you!

Lobes drilling

Ear piercings remain the most popular in general. Unbeatable piercing is that of lobe. A ring Silver or Gold is ideal for a man. This ring can bring an irresistible charismatic and trendy side. One of the advantages of lobe piercing is that it is both discreet but daring for your ear. You can change your buckle or your jewelry to infinite it, so that it goes to all your outfits. For a more original effect, you can also opt for cabochon Titanium in black or other colored. Many celebrities carry this piercing, like Zayn Malik! As you can see in the following photo, Zayn also opted for a nose piercing in addition to a pair of loops. It is not uncommon to see many men with piercings in the face or elsewhere. An ideal element to raise a style.

The septum piercing adds charm

For a more daring piercing like Bad Bunny, opt for the septum. This jewel is one of our favorites. You can wear a silver or golden ring for a classic look or decorate your nose differently with magnificent rings. Piercing Apollo For example, is an incredible gold jewelry to wear. You can always offer yourself the opportunity to wear both for different situations. The basic ring is ideal for everyday life and Appollo for special occasions. We can also see that Bad Bunny opted for two symmetrical rings on each ear. We validate this style.

Netherlands piercing

The latest trendy piercing of our selection, and not the least, is the nipple piercing. Piercings with nipples are more painful in men because they have more nervous endings than women, therefore a higher sensitivity. But be reassured, the drilling is almost instantaneous and the pain too. The nipple piercing is fully worth it because it is discreet and sexy at the same time.

Titon jewelryWe hope that you have made you want to be pierced! Obviously, other piercing ideas are imaginable for men (tragus, helix and other piercings at cartilage…). Give free rein to your imagination and your desires. One last thing, you are wondering where to be pierced? Never forget to get closer to a pierceur And to favor matters respectful of your skin, such as titanium or gold. Always avoid wearing surgical steel.
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