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The piercings in summer: beach, swimming pool ... We tell you everything!

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The beautiful days are there! Do you want to enjoy the sun, but also your new piercings? If your drilling is fresh, it is certainly more fragile and you will have to pay attention to it for a while. Many bacteria Can be present at the beach and you can be bothered by the sand that gets stuck. But don't worry, we're going to explain what you can have so that you can spend a wonderful summer, in the rules of the art. You are the sun and cocktails in Corsica :)

Where to be pierced this summer?

In summer, we are often tempted to make new changes. A new outfit, a tattoo and of course a new piercing! You may want to be pierced on vacation. Only, you always have to make sure to choose the piercing lounge where you will do your new drilling. The healing time of a piercing is different depending on the area. A helix will heal differently than a lobe or a septum, depending on the presence or not of cartilage and its thickness. It also depends on each individual.

It is essential to know the different factors that can help you make the best decision and prepare yourself as best when you decide to make a new piercing. If your drilling is carried out in the rules of the art with a quality jewel, it will heal faster. If on the contrary, you opt for a poor piercing salon, you risk having complications during the healing. Stay on your guard during your vacation, many tourist catches exist. Take precautions And do some research on your future piercer Where drill.

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Can we bathe in the sea after a piercing?

In general, know that swimming is not recommended after a piercing, for 1 month, just like a tattoo. You may have made the connection of the saline solution with seawater? Know that seawater is not really recommended for fresh piercings. Your helix will not support bacteria that can be present there. Do not rely on surface healing. Even if you waited for 1 month, as expected, you will always have to be careful.

But what about piercing in navel ? Well, you will have to be a little more careful than a piercing in the ear. Avoid swimwear a room that would rub it. Clothes do not facilitate the healing of a navel piercing. It is best to wear flexible underwear and avoid high-waisted pants. If you take care of your jewelry and provide the planned care, everything will be better for the best.

Can we go to the pool after a piercing?

The pool water is stagnant water, so it is strongly not recommended to swim there with a recent piercing to avoid any exposure to bacteria. Know that when it is well healed, you will be able to swim without risk infection, Especially if you wear good jewelry. Loops or other piercings in titanium and gold, are resistant at the water. It is still recommended to rinse them well with clear water after each swim. You can avoid wearing materials that will deteriorate in contact with water more easily, as steelWhere money.

How to bathe with an ear piercing?

You can choose to bathe all the same, at your own risk. However, as a last resort, if you have to go to the beach with your new piercing, there is a way to do it safely. We advise you to cover it with a Waterproof dressing To keep the piercing clean. The dressing will help prevent water and bacteria from infiltrating your piercing, while keeping it dry. Remember to clean it after being at the beach. You should also avoid applying sunscreen on your piercing.

Can I practice an aquatic sport with my piercing?

Do you plan to surf during your vacation in Brittany? Be careful ! Aquatic sports such as wakeboarding, diving or kitesurfing are often considered "extreme". You can easily receive shock with the equipment. We highly advise you to avoid practicing this kind of sport if you have just done a piercing. You may be able to opt for a less impactful nautical sport like the paddle.

You can pierce your ear, navel or other in summer! Just pay a little more attention to how the piercing will heal. Do not hesitate to take a look at our superb collection. All our jewelry can be worn in summer without problem. If you still have a slight doubt about this, do not hesitate to send us a little message, we will answer you with pleasure. Enjoy the beach or the pool :)

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