Douleur et infection piercing, on vous dit tout !

Pain and infection piercing, we tell you everything!

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It's been a while since the Helix piercing makes you eye? Finally you want to take the plunge? Or do you just want to complete your collection? Whether you already have several piercings or not at all, the healing is often the most important step. Whether on your ears, your nose, your navel or elsewhere on your body, you want the process to go better. You often wonder if the pain is normal? It is even possible that it has been going on for a while ... that it is a stain of blood or a crust, don't worry, everything is normal! This is generally a natural and inevitable step in the healing process. In this article, find the necessary advice so that you can have a peaceful mind.

Is it normal to hurt your piercing?

During the first weeks, your new piercing can be sensitive and cause itchy. Your skin can produce crust Around your jewelry or redness. Until nothing abnormal. All piercings cause a little discomfort at the time and then during healing.

We all have more sensitive areas of the body than others. The face is one of the parts of the human body that bleeds the most. Your ear or nose are more likely to bleed for example. Obviously, it is a generality. When the drivers do the drilling, some people have more traces of blood. Many factors take into account. We all have a different body which reacts independently of others. The pain is subjective to everyone but it is completely acceptable. It will also depend on the area (tongue, ear, septum, nostril, navel, etc.). Most piercings are carried out in the cartilage which is thicker than a simple piece of skin. The cartilage is thicker and therefore more resistant to drill. So it's normal to have a pain at the piercing time and also after doing the drilling. Finally, the choice of matter is crucial for your health. Favor materials like Gold where the titanium And ban surgical steel. Obsidian piercing offers you a whole selection of jewelry respectful of your skin. Thanks to our wonderful jewelry, it is impossible to have an allergic reaction because they are hypoallergenic. We also make sure to offer trendy piercings, easy to wear.


How to get a pain in a piercing?

Note that certain parts of the body have more or less nerve endings. The more the zone contains the pain the more pain can be felt. Pain tolerance is different for everyone. It is especially sometimes mental. If you are happy with the idea of ​​doing your piercing, your experience can be totally different from a completely stressed person. Do not worry, the pain does not last long and healing is going very well if you provide the necessary care.

When you get out of the drilling lounge, your pierceur will provide you with a care sheet. As long as you follow this one and you do not have fun touching your piercing, the area should heal. It’s quite tempting to touch your piercing to see if crusts appear for example. Know that your fingers can bring bacteria to your piercing. It is therefore important to good to clean his hands and use equipment own. Even if you do the cleaning properly, there is always a little blood, don't worry. Note that an important element comes into account when choosing the jewelry. Indeed, if you opt for a ring, healing may be more fruitful due to the friction of it. It is better to select a jewel on labret. This will allow your skin to get used to piercing faster. If you want the healing process to accelerate and do not hurt anymore, you shouldn't sleep on your piercing. There is not really a secret for good healing! Avoid touching it and taking care of it, the basics of effective healing.


How do you know if the piercing is infected?

An infection can be reported by redness, pain and irritation in the piercing area, but also by swelling and even go as far as yellowish or greenish liquid (pus). The infection can pass fairly quickly by applying a saline solution from the following 48 hours, it will then be necessary to treat your piercing and follow the rules of care as well as possible. However, if that persists or your fever is getting worse you will have to consult your doctor as soon as possible. It is completely normal to see appear bleeding. Also note that you should not abuse the cleaning process. Your skin must have time to heal and form crusts around your piercing. Wait until it is dry and do not force yourself to remove it right away if they do not leave. You should not tear off the crusts with bare hand. Use physiological serum as well as compresses. Avoid cotton stems or removal discs, which easily lose their cotton and can get stuck in your piercing. You should also wash your hands with clean water with soap before taking care of your ear or other pierced area. You have had your helix piercing for a few months now and it still doesn't heal? Maybe the bar of it is too short. When your piercing puts the jewelry, it normally selects a longer labret to facilitate healing by being able to absorb swelling. Once the healing phase has sufficiently advanced, during a check -up visit, your pierceur will then be able to change the bar by a shorter, suitable for your ear.

Infected tragus piercing - obsidian piercing
When you get into the piercing, you have to know how to be patient. Healing your skin can sometimes be long. Do not be worried about it. We know this frustration of wanting to change your jewelry tragus or even decorate nose With a new ring ... but you have to know how to wait to avoid complications. If you are subject to a more extreme infection, do not hesitate to go to your general practitioner.

In the end, a well -made piercing can also take time to heal. It is therefore preferable not to neglect the selection of your piercing salon and make a cross on jewelers. Other shops use pistols to pierce you ... Flee! A good drilling is always done with a sterile needle, do not forget it. Now that you are a healing expert, what is the next piercing you want to do? A rook, a piercing with a tongue or a helix, the great classic? There are so many choices, it is obvious that you quickly become addicted to piercings! If you also like beautiful jewelry ...

Questions about drilling or healing you are still running in your mind? Feel free to Write us ! If you still hesitate to change your jewelry, it will be with pleasure that we will guide you to your next purchase.

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