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Piercing skincare routine

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In order to ensure without complications of your piercing, whether in ear cartilage, in the face or body, it will be necessary to follow a careful way a care routine normally communicated by your pierceur. However, we want to offer you a guide in this regard, because we will never talk about it enough!

Daily cleaning

First of all, Don't forget to wash your hands carefully! Under the nails, between the fingers ... This step is crucial to avoid bringing bacteria to your new piercing and therefore avoid an infection!

We recommend using physiological serum or an adequate saline solution to clean your piercing morning and evening for at least the first 15 days, the following weeks you can settle for a cleaning per day.

It is recommended to use a compress rather than a cotton that could leave fibers around your piercing or hang on to your jewelry and cause irritation.

Things to avoid when you have a new piercing

If you want to end the healing phase, no longer have the heating ear or any growths, it will be imperative to avoid certain things to allow your piercing to heal more quickly.

  • Do not sleep on your ear you just got pierced
  • Avoid friction (no high -waisted jeans for navel piercings for example)
  • No headphones or other accessories risking hanging on to your new ear cartilage piercing, especially for a daith, tragus, conch or rook for example.
  • No makeup on your piercing
  • Do not remove your piercing jewelry before your first control visit
  • Do not play or touch your piercing jewelry out of treatment routine to avoid bringing bacteria
  • We avoid antiseptic products like Biseptine, Betadine etc ...
  • Alcohol and drug abuse, which fluidifies blood and slows down healing
  • We also avoid going to the swimming pool, which is a bacteria nest
  • Do not let your piercing wet after care

Our advices

  • Avoid having both ears unravel at once, otherwise it will be complicated not to sleep on your recent piercings and you may quickly end up with growths or inflammation.
  • Select jewelry in implantable materials, you can find an article on our blog explaining the different recommended materials For a new piercing. At Obsidian we highly recommend 14 or 18 carat gold or ASTM-F136 grade titanium which are two materials recommended by The app (Association of Professional Piercers)
  • Favor the quality at the price concerning your choice of pierceur, when you inflict a scar, it is better to favor an expert service so that the experience goes as best as possible. So do not hesitate to find out about different piercing salons in order to make your choice better.
  • Be careful to have a size of jewelry for installation which can accommodate a possible swelling during the first healing phase, we will often lay a bar of 8 or 9 mm before changing it by a shorter bar of 6 or 7 mm when the Healing will be more advanced on ear piercings.
Care routine piercing - ear, body, face .. - obsidian piercing

In the event of a problem, if an outgrowth makes its appearance, it is not automatically a chéloid (one cannot qualify this one as chéloid for a long time), do not hesitate to get closer to your living room of piercing preferred to be guided. You can also contact us by email or WhatsApp if it is possible for us to refer to remote.

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