Top 6 piercings populaires pour femme

Top 6 most popular piercing for women

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You love them and we too, piercings! A real passion that allows you to express your style with confidence. Whether golden, silver or multicolored, they spread endless beauty around them. The piercing embellishes and particularly sublimates women who now wear more than a simple lobe hole. Obsidian Piercing has unearthed just for you, the most popular 6 piercings for women.

N ° 1: Lobe piercing

The great classic is lobe piercing. If you have absolutely no hole in the ears, this is the first to have. This piercing is by far the most popular piercing. It causes very little pain and heals quite easily. The pain is minimal because the lobe is not a part where the cartilage is present, its healing will therefore be a little faster. It can also be carried out several times depending on the length of it, for a "cascade" effect. You can also superimpose two piercings with lobes, the big trend of the moment. A wide choice is available to you for this piercing, we invite you to visit our catalog of lobes jewelry.

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N ° 2: Helix piercing

The first most popular cartilage piercing is that of Helix. You can opt for different styles. A single helix, double helix, triple helix and more. For a cascade rendering, the accumulation of Helix piercing is used by descending to the lobe. A very beautiful rendering, we are a fan of this kind of composition. The more piercings the more the composition is incredible! It will also depend on the size and morphology of your ear. Obviously, more classic styles are also very beautiful. You can opt for a jewel on labret like the Celeno Or a Marquise. If you want to add a ring to it Belenos Where Electra, opt for a diameter of 8 or 10mm depending on the location of the piercing and the morphology of your ear. Our collection For piercing Helix should help you choose your next nugget.

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N ° 3: Conch piercing

Conch can be decorated with flat piercing. Depending on the size of your conch, you can choose larger styles of jewelry. You can opt for a moon hammered for a delicate and discreet look or a more seeing piercing like jewelry Maya. A ring can be a bold solution for your conch. To raise a composition you can choose a thicker ring like the Electra model for example. If you want a more sophisticated look, the Eternity gold ring is ideal. For a suitable dimension, we recommend a 10 or 12mm ring. If you already have a few Ear piercings More imposing, so your ear can quickly be overwhelmed. If that's the style you want, then it's perfect! Conch piercing allows a lot of ear compositions. Test and see what you can appreciate or not. Don't be afraid to try something new.

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N ° 4: septum piercing

Septum piercing is one of the most popular face piercings. More and more women opt for a ring or a horseshoe. You can have any style, it will go perfectly with your personality. Discreet and fine jewelry can be selected, such as a basic ring or a horseshoe. the Horseshoe Maybe hidden when you need it, turning it over. So obviously, when you choose to opt for a septum the goal is not to hide it. But we know that in Ertaines situations it can sometimes be necessary, as a job interview for example. If you want a daring and brilliant jewelry, piercing Apollo is incredible for that. The fine and sparkling rings are also interesting if you want a discreet but at the same time brilliant look, the ring Grace or the ring Almaak are ideal. Regarding the size of the septum piercing, we recommend that you opt for 8mm or 10mm depending on the height of the drilling.

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N ° 5: Nostril

Piercing on the nose on the side (Nostril) remains a classic. Whether it is aring Or a little gem, it is delicate and cute. We see more and more septum and Nostril composition on both sides of the nose. A popular choice. Regarding a nostril ring you can opt for 7mm or 8mm according to your morphology.

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N ° 6: nipples

The nipple piercing is more and more popular in women. Indeed, carry a jewel to this part of the body can be very sensual. In general, the piercing is carried out on the two nipples for a symmetrical effect. Even if it is a sensitive area, the pain only lasts a few seconds and the rendering is very pretty. At Obsidian we recommend a 1.6mm bar, with regard to the length, from 12 or 14mm depending on the size of your nipple. Discover our jewelry on our catalog.

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The choices of piercing are multiple and you can go through several phases before deciding. Know that at Obsidian, you have the possibility of choosing between several beautiful jewels and of very good quality. Our team is also at your disposal for any questions or advice.

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