Guide ultime : Un cadeau pour la fête des mères

Ultimate guide: a gift for Mother's Day

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Only a few days before Mother's Day and we know how it can be complicated to choose the gift voucher to please. It is for this reason that we decided to offer you a wonderful guide to select the future gift of your adorable mother. It is true that they can wear piercings, but in general, lobes drilling remains the more common. Choose a gift that shows that you thought about Mother's Day. We avoid the noodle necklace or the last -minute card ... So, let's go for the special Mother's Day selection!

The Eternity Ring: the timeless

The Eternity jewel is an ideal ring for a mom who loves simplicity, but also shine. He goes perfectly with his personality for a brilliant rendering. It is available in silver or golden color depending on the tastes of each.

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The clawed head: a small nugget

This wonderful sparkling piercing is one of our best sales. The clawed head is a classic to have in its jewelry collection. Your mom will be more than delighted to wear this delicate nugget in her ear.

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The Nekkar ring: twice as much love

The Nekkar jewel is a double ring that provides twice as much shine! If your mom likes a little magnitude jewelry, it's ideal. She can wear it every day because don't forget that our piercings resist daily!

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A tiara: the essential

If you have a slightly larger budget, the 14K gold tiara is ideal. This jewel is grand and amaze your adored mom with her shine. Gold is a matter that has everything for her.

[Products] Piercing-Bijou-Diademe-Or-18k[/products]

The golden ring: the exceptional basic

If you want a classic and exceptional jewelry, the basic gold ring is ideal. Indeed, he is discreet and agrees with everything. We recommend it if you want to succeed every time.


Jewelry has become great classics to make a gift. They offer a timeless look and the person wearing it can keep it for many years while thinking about you. A sumptuous gift that will not go unnoticed. We hope to have helped you for your next purchase. To our mothers that we love more than anything ❤️

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