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Summer Edition 2022: Summer shooting

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In July, we took the photos of our jewelry at the beach. Not just any beach since it was an idyllic place in Brittany, in Beg-Meil. We take you with us behind the scenes of our photo shoot, let's go ...

Camille, our model posed with 5 different compositions. We wanted to highlight our jewelry in the middle of the water to highlight the fact that they resist water.

It is a sleek and both soft style for a summer atmosphere. Camille carries very little makeup and we did not accessorize it so that the rendering is natural. In general, we remain in beige and neutral tones so that the colors are in line with our universe.

Ear piercing shooting

Piercing ear

You can find the photos of our shoot, on our social networks as well as on our online store :)

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