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Industrial piercing: advice and maintenance

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Industrial piercing is often seen on a lot of ears. It consists of two holes through the cartilage superior the ear which is connected to a jewel on a bar with two balls on each side. You can also, after the healing, opt for two separate jewelry. If you still hesitate to do an industrial piercing, follow our advice throughout this article.

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How is the progress of an industrial piercing?

Before opting for an industrial piercing, you must go to your piercing studio And have your ear checked by a professional perceur. Ear morphology is different for each of us. Unfortunately, not everyone can make an industrialist, so if you don't have anatomy for this, don't do it. In general, your ear must have a fold on the cartilage on the edge of the ear. If your ear does not fold enough, it will be complicated for the pierceur to do the industrial drilling. It is not a question of aesthetics but rather feasibility.

If you decide to do an industrial piercing and your ear does not have morphology for, you will know complications. When you have all the information and your ear is suitable for this piercing, you will be able to take the plunge. Your piercing will then use a sterile needle and equipment suitable for impeccable hygiene. Once the industrial piercing has been made, your pierceur will provide you with a care sheet for optimal healing.

Does industrial piercing hurts?

The industrialist's drilling remains quite painful because there are two piercings that are carried out. The industrialist's trajectory must also be well done, hence the importance of choosing a renowned and experienced perceur. Even if the pain only lasts a while, it will be necessary to take care of it and adopt a care routine impeccable.

How much does an industrial piercing cost?

Industrial piercing costs between 50 and 80 euros. Beware of piercing salons that offer very low prices compared to competition. It is essential to favor the quality of service at the price, because it is your health and a scar that you will inflict yourself. We have many returns about piercing infections linked to jewelry holes for example.

Healing and maintenance of your industrial piercing

Industrial piercing is one of the piercings that heal the least quickly. The follow -up is therefore crucial to ensure that your piercing heals properly. It is better to avoid infection. We advise you to use physiological serum As soon as it comes to cleaning your piercing. You can also use sterile compresses So that no cotton gets stuck in your piercing bar.

We have made a small list of "don’t" not to be done when you just unravel your industrial piercing:

  • We do not recommend using betadine or even alcohol at 90. This is very bad for your skin or/and your jewelry
  • Disinfect your hands before touching your ears
  • Do not use cotton stems or cottons to make up. This could get stuck in your industrial piercing
  • Do not sleep on your ear in question
  • Do not play with your piercing, you might lose one of the balls or bring bacteria to your barbell
  • Avoid opting for a barbell bar too small for your ear morphology

If your piercing is infected, it is necessary to have it checked immediately rather than waiting for the infection to worsen. Do not hesitate to go to your doctor so that he can assess the infection by your ear.

When can we change an industrial piercing?

Good healing generally lasts several months. We advise you to wait at least 6 months before touching and changing your industrial piercing. Keep your bar long enough to avoid unpleasant surprises. For a jewel on a bar, we advise you to go on 1.6mm thick. In terms of length, you can choose a bar between 30 and 38mm depending on the morphology of your ear and the healing step. All our Bars (Barbell) are sold with their balls. It is therefore easier for you to make your jewelry selection. Remember that the size of the bar is important for good healing but also after. We have a stock of bar on our online store.

Regarding the material of piercing, we do not recommend surgical steel but recommend noble materials like the titanium (available in silver or gold color) or Gold. These are good materials for jewelry and are therefore respectful of your skin. Surgical steel contains nickel, which can cause infections. Titanium and gold do not contain any nickel. Changing your piercing must be a thoughtful act. Patience is the key to a Good healing. As previously highlighted, industrial piercings require being very attentive to the level of care.

Once the healing is complete, you will be able to replace your industrial piercing with another jewel. We offer wonderful jewelry on our online store and above all good for your skin. Whether you like the rhinestones, the turquoise stones or rather piercings with meticulous details, we have what you need! You will find an interesting value for money. The world of piercing evolves and more than ever jewelry. Silver and golden colors are very popular. Thin jewelry too. To give you a slight overview, here is our selection of industrial piercings:

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It is also possible to wear two different jewels for your industrialist. If you have the piercings without bar, it will have a rendering helix / anti helix. This is why the industrial piercing is very interesting: 2 in 1 :)

We hope to make you want to cross the course and opt for a industrial piercing. We are available to discuss your future piercing idea with you. Whether it is a helix or a tragus… If you also hesitate at the level of the size of a particular jewel type, a size guide is available on our site. Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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