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The best tips for a tragus piercing

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Do you still doubt your future piercing? You will be tempted by the tragus but the pain scares you ... Know that the drilling of tragus is actually one of the least painful places on the ear and body to be pierced. A piercing at cartilage may seem insurmountable. The pain of a piercing only lasts only a few seconds, so don't worry, it's for a good cause! Discover in this article, our pro tips for having healthy healthy tragus piercing.

Is the tragus piercing made for me?

It is true that we have very different ear morphologies. Tragus piercing is not made for all ears. If your piece of cartilage is too small, it will be complicated to collect there. Some have more pronounced tragus than others. The best person who can refer you to this decision is your perceur. He will determine whether or not your ear can support a jewel at the tragus. Also note the proximity of the tragus with the ear canal. It can therefore be more sensitive to bacteria. Tragus cartilage has lower blood supply than other ear areas. So that means that the risk infection is a little higher. It will therefore be necessary to be even more vigilant to the maintenance and care that you will bring to this piercing.

Where to be pierced by the tragus?

You will be able to make an appointment with the Perceur of your City Congratulations! We advise you to check the Google reviews of the shop, so as not to have unpleasant surprises. Cartilage piercings need to be performed with a sterile needle and not a pistol. In general, the piercer will ask you a jewel on labret (bar) which will facilitate the healing. If you appreciate the rings, it is quite possible to change the jewel when it is a minimum healed, it will take at least 2 months for this. Because the rings have greater risks of irritation and therefore to slow down healing or to cause outgrowth. For a successful tragus piercing, do not be priced! It is better to put the price for a piercing and be sure that it is well done than paying 15 euros and risking your skin.

Take care of a tragus piercing

It is quite complicated to find the right advice on the Internet. Obsidian Piercing, it's above all a team of piercing professionals! So we will give you a small list of tips to take care of your tragus.
  • Do not touch or turn your piercing. He could get infected! Indeed, our hands are home to a lot of bacteria.
  • Avoid swimming with your new pool piercing, stagnant water is a large source of bacteria. The beach and sea water are also not recommended, at least the first months.
  • Do not sleep on your freshly pierced ear! You could end up with an outgrowth of your new tragus piercing if you sleep on it. The same goes for other piercings such as helix, conch or other ear piercings.
  • The fateful advice is that of headphones ... You wonder often, can I listen to music with a tragus piercing? Well, the best measure to take is to ensure that the earpiece does not do too much pressure. It is best to wear a helmet that completely covers your ear, which facilitates listening and will bother you much less than headphones.
  • Regularly change your pillow pillow will facilitate healing. Indeed, your bed is a cozy nest, but also a real bacteria nest. We advise you to change your pillowcase for at least two weeks, or put a clean cloth on your pillow before sleeping.
  • Avoid sleeping wet hair to limit heat and humidity! Because humidity attracts bacteria.
  • Use physiological serum and sterile compresses to clean your piercing

What material for my tragus piercing?

The choice of matter From your piercing is essential from the first drilling. We do not recommend selecting steel (so-called "surgical" steel included) for your tragus, it still contains nickel, a very allergenous alloy that can be harmful. Instead, for materials like Gold (14 or 18 carats) or the Titanium ASTM-F136 which are hypoallergenic. Our jewelry is guaranteed without nickel and you can also wear them daily. Nothing better than a jewel that does not blacken and which is above all safe for your skin! Know that our piercings are water resistant and benevolent :)

Inspiration Piercing Tragus

Finally, we have created a small selection of tragus jewelry! What inspire you for your next composition.
Trinity : Trinity piercing is an essential to have for its tragus. This is one of the best sales for this piercing.

[Products] Trinity-Titane-Trio-Zirconcon[/products]

Basic ring : If you appreciate the ring, the basic model is perfect. We advise you to go on a 6mm ring for the tragus. You can select the titanium or 14 carat gold ring.

[Products] Playful-Anneau-Titane-basic jewelry[/products]

Lingot Zircon : The ingot is ideal for the tragus, its size is ideal for this part of the ear. This piercing exists in gold and silver!

[Products] Lingot-Titane-Zirconcon[/products]
Myosotis : This wonderful flower -shaped jewel is sublime on a tragus! It is also available in Gold or Silver.

[Products] Myosotis-footing-Bijou[/products]

Discover all our guides (helix, rook, anti helix, lobe, septum, smiley, navel…) on our blog! You can also send us a little message if you with questions about your next purchase piercing. You benefit from fast delivery and especially quality piercing.

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