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4 trends piercing 2022 that you will love!

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A new year on the horizon, new trends to adopt and therefore new jewelry to find ... This is why Obsidian offers you a selection of 4 must have which will emerge in 2022. Prepare to shine!

Gold, a noble and timeless material

One material to adopt in 2022 is gold! You are used to wearing it for your rings or your bracelets, necklaces ... well now adopt it for your ear piercings! Gold is timeless and often offered to celebrate the most important opportunities in your life. It is the most popular material in the manufacturing of jewelry thanks to its luxurious appearance and its divine beauty.

If you like elegant jewelry, it's time to invest in gold piercings and get something more than superficial beauty. Besides, on our online store we offer high quality gold jewelry.

Our 14 or 18 carat solid gold piercing jewelry will enhance your collection. Whether for an ear, face or body piercing, the timeless beauty of gold will bring class and elegance to your style. These jewelry resists life and will accompany you forever, provided you take care.

In addition to its timeless side, gold does not tarnish, is not magnetic and in addition to that you can shower without problems with! If you still hesitate for the material of your piercings, you can consult our article "What material to choose for your piercing jewel".

We strongly advise you to invest in gold piercings. A guarantee of quality and beauty!

Amelie Dias, wears an Eternity 14K ring from Obsidian.

Nose piercing, a renewal

You know him, obviously ... nose piercing! Nose piercing is one of the most frequent piercings, after ear and navel piercing. It can be worn in different ways, including septum or on the nostril side. This jewel completes your look and adds character to your style. The essential Noholita has been wearing a septum for a few years now. The influencer carries it discreetly thanks to a light and delicate jewelry. You can opt for our titanium grace jewel. If you want to wear an even more luxurious jewel, we recommend Albireo or Apollo. These two solid gold nuggets are decorated with crystals, enough to amaze the entire planet!

But did you know that it is above all the fashion week parades that guide new trends? It is thanks to its parades, that these accessories become real trends. Gucci and Chanel, opted for piercings for their 2022 collections. They also appropriate the septum.

By playing the return card to the 90s and 2000s but by adopting this trend in the present in the following seasons. So prepare for a comeback of the piercing in the nose in 2022!

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Charms for your earrings

The charm is a little gem that you can add to your earring to customize your style endlessly! They allow you to tell your own story. In memory of a meeting, a journey, your zodiac sign, a nickname or a dream ... The charms are available in a thousand and one meaning. The big jewelry or haute couture brands offer earrings with pretty charms.

Besides, at Obsidian, we are soon preparing a little surprise for you ... At a time when we write this article, the charms are being produced and will be available during 2022!

Piercing constellation

Collars with rings, superposition and stacking are trends.

And in 2022, it was the turn of the ears piercings. Balance, adjust and organize your piercings perfectly. The choice of your piercing jewelry compositions with ears depends largely on your morphology. Besides, if you want to know more, we are talking about all possible ears piercings on our blog. From lobe to the helix, passing through the famous piercing to Daith called "anti-migraine", a wide choice is available to you!

But then what is a piercing constellation? It is a series of piercings relatively close to each other and which forms an original composition. You must have seen this mode on social networks!

Constellation type piercings are very effective because they can fill more space, as some people have wider ear lobes.

If your ear lobe is small, we advise you to extend the piercing to the top of your ear to prevent it from filling.

A combination of styles and textures to change endlessly!

Gaelle Garcia Diaz, the famous influencer, has been carrying this style for a few months! A discreet result but at the same time grand.

But don't forget to favor quality to quantity;)

The year 2022 will be rich in trend! Be original and daring and do not hesitate to follow our news in the coming months. Many jewelry will arrive on our shop, obviously, linked to our trends detected for 2022;)

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