Les meilleurs conseils pour un piercing Helix

The best tips for a helix piercing

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So ! You have taken the plunge and you want to make a piercing in Helix. In general, if you are a beginner in terms of Ear piercings, you will want to opt for those who are considered to be the less painful. The choice of the drilling area is specific to everyone. the lobe The ear is widely considered to be the least unpleasant place to unravel. Indeed, the lobes do not have cartilage. The second comes the Helix. For a question of aesthetics, the easiest way to do is start with the lobes and then the helix. This location is a classic to have on your ear! Find in this article, some tips to wear it wonderfully and to finish an incredible selection of Helix obsidian jewelry.

Choose your type of piercing helix

There are several variants in the Helix. You will be able to opt for classic piercing, which is above your ear or for Anti-Helix which is opposite. In general, you can start by acquiring a classic Helix piercing and then a second then third, while going back down to the lobe. We love the effects cascade and the overlap of all kinds of piercing. The well -supplied ears of piercing are the prettiest! Abuse piercings, they make you beautiful :)

Helix piercing guide

The Helix drilling process

All piercings must be carried out by drilling professionals. It is important that cartilage piercings are carried out by trained perceers. As a professional, your piercer must be able to explain the hygiene rules to respect. If you encounter problems or if you need to change one of your jewelry, it must be able to meet your needs. You must also be careful that your piercing uses a sterile needle For your piercing and not a pistol. Pistols are often inaccurate and are known to cause trauma to your skin.

Make your jewelry

We recommend two materials for your piercing. During and after your drilling, titanium or gold are more than respectful materials for your skin. We do not recommend carrying stainless steel. Even if this material is very popular, it contains nickel, which is a matter in not recommending. Many people are allergic Nickel. Titanium and gold are two materials hypoallergenic. So you have no risk of allergies if you offer your skin the necessary care. Titanium and gold do not contain nickel and are very resistant to life. About gold, we advise you to get a jewel of at least 14k To benefit from all its advantages.

Labret Where ring ? Most people like to decorate their helix with a ring. However, when you get your first Helix piercing, we advise you to opt for a jewel on Labret. This promotes faster and more certain healing than a ring. Once your ear is healed, you will be able to select a beautiful ring! Patience is gold when you get into piercings.

Healing and care of a helix piercing

Healing is often a fairly long step. Indeed, if you do not pay too much attention to it, it can last for months and months sometimes even years! You don't want to wait, right? Follow the following advice, for the proper healing of your Helix piercing. They are also valid for your other ear or body piercings (tragus, septum, tragus, nipples, navel, etc.)
  • Do not sleep on the ear where the piercing is fresh: do your best not to sleep on your new piercing until it is completely healed. If for you, it is impossible to follow this rule, do not hesitate to invest in a travel pillow to avoid sleeping on it.
  • Use physiological serum and sterile compresses: do not hesitate to use these two essentials regularly for a good care routine. These are the two products we recommend. You can also opt for a saline solution (salt water). Do not touch your piercing: even if it looks good you heal, don't play with your jewelry! Our hands are often bacteria factors for our piercings.
  • Make your first change of jewelry at your drill: if you doubt a little about the change of your helix, we advise you to go to your pierceur. He can refer you to your next purchase. It is sometimes complicated to put your piercing even. So avoid the nerve crisis!

If you are properly applying these tips and your helix still does not heal, go to your pierceur. Do not stay with pain, it could become painful and unbearable. Do not wait for weeks, that it becomes dangerous for you and avoid infection.

Our Helix Obsidian piercing selection

And There you go ! You are now incorrigible on Helix piercing! We can't wait to see your next piercings. So we have concocted a small selection of our best piercings Helix. The hardest part will be to choose, we grant you.

Bijou Resha: For a sophisitted look, the resha piercing is ideal for sublimate a helix.

[Products] Resha-Bijou-Titane[/products]

Daenery jewel: the Daenery sword is incredible for a sumptuous and grandiose helix! We love her little gem at the forefront of the sword and its gold material that will support your daily life.

[Products] Daenerys-Bijou-Oreille[/products]

Classic rings: if you have several Helix piercings, you can opt for a basic titanium or gold. This piercing is ideal for a cascade effect, it is our favorite.

[Products] jewelry-piercing-year-titane-basic, jewelry-footing-an-row-12-carats[/products]

Maya piercing: Maya gold piercing adapts to your look, in addition it is really adorable! We especially love her design and incredible details.

[Products] Maya-Bijou-Or-14k[/products]

If you still hesitate about your new ear composition or other body piercing, do not hesitate to contact us. Above all, we are piercing professionals. We love to discuss with you and advise you! Also discover our composition ideas on our Instagram account: @obsidian_piercing or our tiktok @obsidianpiercing

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