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Anti-Halix piercing: pain, healing, types of jewelry, ...

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the Anti-Halix piercing also called "Forward Helix"Is so called because it is in front of the helix, the part that forms a tube surrounding the pavilion of your ear. So he comes to place himself at the end of the helix just above the tragus.

Depending on the style you want to adopt, as well as for the helix it is quite possible to multiply your piercings at the anti-Hélix in order to pose several jewelry to better let your creativity speak, several zirconium oxides with Degressive sizes, or natural opals or stones in place of the Zircons, or even several rings! There are many possibilities and you will be sure to add a touch of originality to your look.

the Anti-Halix piercing In addition to having the advantage of being unusual, it will also be little delicious in maintenance after the healing period.

We want through this guide to help you see more clearly with this unknown piercing, you will know everything about healing, pain, maintenance and choice of your jewelry for your new anti-Halix piercing.

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Prepare for your piercing

As with any piercing, you will have to be vigilant when you choose your pierceur. It is imperative that it uses appropriate equipment (Sted sterile needle), and that the living room respects the different hygiene standards.

By going to see your pierceur, he will tell you whether or not you can perform an anti-Halix piercing, because indeed, depending on the shape of your ear you may not have the place of 'Make one. Do not fear, it remains rare not to have room.

With your pierceur you will then choose the location for your new piercing, it will then make a point where it will be made, then after validation on your part it will act of piercing after cleaning your ear.

Anti helix piercing pain

As with any other piercing in ear cartilage (Conch, Helix, Daith, ...), it will be quite painful, however this part of the cartilage remains quite fine, moreover the act of piercing for just a few seconds, you will overcome this test with ease. We give this piercing a note of 5/10 on the pain scale, because it is located at the cartilage of the ear.

Obviously, we must always take into account that It will also depend on your pain tolerance As well as the experience of your pierceur, each person will feel it differently.

Healing of anti helix piercing

Ear cartilage being an avascular area, healing takes more time than other piercings like lobe for example. But the area will also be more prone to infections, it is therefore necessary to rigorously follow the different maintenance instructions as well as the care routine provided by your pierceur and on this guide.

It will be necessary to count Between 6 months and 1 year for the healing of your anti-Halix piercing is complete. It will then be necessary to make a control visit with your perception so that it can give you the green light to stop care. You can also change your jewelry from there by yourself without risk.

Anti Helix piercing - 18 -carat gold ring - Obsidian piercing x Sebastienne

Maintenance and care of your new piercing

As with a daith or tragus piercing, the anti-Hélix piercing at the exit of the ear canal of the ear, you will have to pay attention to the bacteria in order to avoid having an infection.

Always handle your ear and your new piercing with clean hands! 

Clean your piercing 2 to 3 times a day with a saline solution Using a compress or cotton swab. Be careful to do it with delicacy to avoid hanging the jewelry, which could damage the scar tissues.

Watch out for hair and headphones. The anti-Hélix piercing located close to the face, it is very likely to be exposed to various bacteria just like its neighbor the tragus. It could be interesting for a woman to attach her hair during the first phase of healing at least, to prevent them from coming to cling to your jewelry or bring bacteria.

Do not sleep on the ear you just pierced. This is why we do not stop recommending that we avoid having both ears pierced at the same time, because for some people sleeping on your back is not possible. However, you can, if you wish, do several piercings in the same ear, such as a double or a triple anti-Hélix for example.

Do not play with your jewelry. During the healing phase, you will have to avoid playing with your jewelry (especially if your hands have not been washed), at the risk of coming to damage the scar tissues and damaging the cartilage of your ear, this applies to a jewel with labret/straight bar, but all the more if you wear a ring!

It will be necessary to avoid foreign bodies which could bring bacteria and therefore infections with your piercing, the beach and the swimming pool are therefore strongly not recommended during the healing period. But you will also have to be careful to sleep on a clean pillow every night, if you do not want to change every day of pillowcase you can otherwise place a clean cloth on your pillow.

Triple anti helix piercing - 18 carat gold jewelry - Obsidian piercing x Sébastienne

Which jewelry to choose for an anti helix piercing

For an anti helix piercing several choices are available to you:

  • Ring : You can wear a close -size clicker or seamless ring, or why not combine them if you have several piercings at the Helix. Whether 14 or 18 carat gold rings for a classy look and jewelry that will remain for life, or a titanium ring that you can leave in its original color or make it anodize (surface treatment process that Allows you to change the color of the titanium) in the color you want, we offer on the Obsidian Piercing shop the anodization offered on all titanium jewelry. You can also find a beautiful ring set with zirconium oxides like our ring Eternity in titanium.
  • Labret (right bar) with screwable accessory : your installation jewel will be a labret with a screwable accessory, either the very basic ball, or another vested accessory. On our shop we offer various solutions: opals, zirconium oxides (clawed head/cabochon), natural stone, choose from 14 and 18 carat gold jewelry or ASTM-F136 grade titanium. The Labret bars are provided with most of our jewelry, you just have to choose the size suitable for your morphology and piercing when ordering.

To put a ring to your new anti helix piercing, it will be necessary to wait minimum 1 to 2 months following the act of piercing, because the ring would risk damaging the scar tissues or the cartilage of your ear and therefore slowing down your healing . During your control visit after 1 to 2 months your pierceur will then tell you if you are able to put a ring. You can then choose one on our online store, we offer 14 or 18 carat gold jewelry, as well as more accessible jewelry in ASTM-F136 grade titanium, in addition, delivery is offered from € 50 in Metropolitan France.

Our jewelry for anti-helix

The choice of material:

Very often we are going to make a fixette on the aesthetics of the jewel, but we must not neglect the qualitative aspect of the jewel you are going to wear, especially in a piercing. Some subjects are more likely to cause you complications such as infections or allergies. In addition, throughout the healing phase, it will be imperative to wear an implantable jewel:

  • Gold: Gold is considered to be implantable is perhaps used as an installation jewel and throughout the healing phase. However, there is a condition: whether gold is 14 or 18 carats, because 9 -carat gold is not pure enough and contains nickel, 24 carat gold is too flexible to make them piercing jewelry.
  • Titanium: Titanium is the flagship material for new piercings, in fact, it has an attractive price, is lighter than its colleague surgical steel, it is considered implantable and it is solid enough to accompany you for a moment. On the other hand, it will be necessary to check that it is grade ASTM-F136. It is also possible to anodize titanium jewelry, as is the case on our shop. Anodization is a surface treatment process to change the color of the titanium (gold, rose gold, blue, etc.).
  • Surgical steel: Steel is one of the most popular materials in the field, thanks to its low cost, it however contains nickel, the only implantable grade of surgical steel is ASTM-F138, but it contains however Nickel and will therefore be not recommended during the healing phase. Surgical steel jewelry will be cheaper than titanium, but less resistant, heavier and more likely to cause an allergy or an infection. You will therefore have to be vigilant about the quality of steel if you want to try the experience.

Triple anti -Halix piercing woman - 18 -carat gold jewelry - Obsidian piercing x Sébastienne

What size to choose for your anti-Hélix piercing jewelry:

It is important to keep an elegant look and avoid complications by wearing suitable size piercing jewelry. Here is a table of standard sizes used by professional perceers for anti-Halix piercing:




Anti helix with bar (labret)



Anti helix with ring



Obviously, These sizes are given as an indication, do not hesitate to discuss it with your perceur during your control visit if you want to know the size adapted to your morphology. The sizes of this table are standards but may not correspond to certain types of morphology.

In order to avoid complications during swelling after the act of piercing, your pierceur will put a longer labret bar to provide it, which he will replace during a check -up visit later.

Piercing price

The price for an anti helix piercing is in a range of 40 to 60 €, the same price range as for other ear piercings, such as conch, tragus or helix for example.

Obviously the price can vary depending on your region and the experience of the pierceur with whom you will have you pierced. The price includes in most cases a basic installation jewel (Labret bar with a basic screwable accessory).

Change your jewelry of anti helix piercing

Although the location of Anti helix piercing Makes its change more complicated than another, like the conch or the tragus for example, it will obviously be possible for you to change it for yourself. However, it is strongly recommended to make the first change with your pierceur of confidence. You can then see with him the size that suits you whether it is to choose later by yourself a labret bar or even a ring that will go perfectly with your piercing.

Once the healing is fully completed, you are free to change your jewelry by your own means, be careful however if you leave your piercing empty, because it could rebook after a few days.

In addition to being able to advise you 7 days a week, we offer you on the Obsidian piercing online store a variety of quality piercing jewelry higher than affordable prices. All our jewelry is Guaranteed without nickel, being all in Gold 14/18K or in titanium ASTM-F136. The sustainability of our jewelry will allow you to wear them on a daily basis without risk that they deteriorate, whether in the shower, in sport, etc. In addition, the delivery is offered from € 50 throughout metropolitan France, and we offer you 10% reduction on your first order By registering for our newsletter (click on the bell in the menu bar).

Discover our different piercing jewelry for anti-Hélix on our shop!

Our jewelry for anti-helix

We hope to have answered all your questions through this article, do not hesitate to tell us about your experience with anti helix piercing or your apprehensions about it in the lower comment space ✨


We remain at your disposal to answer your various questions 😊


Source images: Sébastienne Jewelry (Find their magnificent jewelry on our shop)

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