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the belly button piercing is one of the essentials of Body piercing For a long time now, it probably has its popularity because it is only little painful when compared to Ear cartilage piercings for example. This is also a Easy to hide piercing at work.. As long as we don't work in crop top!

the navel piercing is on the upper part of it, it allows the jewel to position itself inside. It will be your best asset in summer to stand out on the beach, or accompany your style with a crop top for example.

The navel piercing due to its positioning is often found under a garment, it is therefore necessary to take this factor into account during the healing period. So we have prepared for you a complete guide on this essential piercing to make you imponessable.

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Prepare well for your navel piercing

You must know that Some people will not be able to do a standard navel piercing Due to their anatomy, which is why it is important to be accompanied by a qualified perfeur who will be able to advise you and will tell you whether or not you can perform a basic navel piercing, otherwise he will be able to offer you an alternative .

When to make a navel piercing?

A navel piercing can take time to heal. It would be tempting to be pierced during the spring before summer arrives because a beautiful jewel at the navel would bring a glamorous touch to your look on the beach in a jersey. However, It is best to make your navel piercing during the fall, in order to leave it enough time to heal for the next summer, in this way your piercing will only be more beautiful healing and you will avoid slowing healing in contact with sand and different bacteria.

Remember to be accompanied by a confidence perceur for your new navel piercing, it is important to be followed by a competent person who will respect the hygiene rules and use the right equipment (Sted sterile needle) For the act of piercing, but which will also make you comfortable so that everything goes as best as possible.

Navel piercing Titane Ring - Obsidian piercing

Navel piercing pain

Since the navel piercing is done in a pulpit area, this piercing will be less painful than another at the cartilage of the ear for example. This does not mean that it will be completely painless, you will still feel a slight pinch during the act of piercing which will pass very quickly, but nothing insurmountable.

During the days following the act of piercing, you will probably feel a slight discomfort, also including a small swelling. Which is completely normal, but if the pain is too large, Do not hesitate to consult your confidence perceur Who will then advise you to see a doctor or not.

Navel piercing healing

Navel piercing can take a while to heal. In the space of a few weeks it will appear healing, however it generally takes Between 3 and 6 months to heal completely internally. During this period, be sure to respect the maintenance and care instructions so that your healing happens as best as possible, so as not to extend this duration more. In some cases it can take up to a year to heal completely, do not hesitate to make a control visit with your pierceur before stopping your care routine.

Opal navel piercing white titanium - obsidian piercing

Maintenance rules for his new piercing

Navel piercing has a care routine similar to the others, but given its position, some other important factors must be taken into account.

The first thing to take into account is to always clean your hands before touching your piercing, to avoid bringing bacteria.

Avoid beaches. Admittedly, this is the place where your navel piercing will shine the most, but if you want your healing phase to take place properly, you will have to avoid the pool, sand and any other place that could bring you bacteria in your piercing. The sand of the beach could bring foreign bodies to your piercing which would risk causing you infections. You can sunbathe on the pool's edge, but you will have to wait for the complete healing before jumping in the water!

Have a good size jewel. It is common for the body to reject a new piercing, especially on a navel piercing. Rejection can occur for many reasons, including the use of low -end metal jewelry, but this is often due to the size of your jewelry. Your curved bar will have to be long enough to give way to the slight swelling that will follow after the act of piercing, but small enough so that it does not shoot your piercing. It will therefore be necessary to wait before opting for a bigger jewel of navel piercing like a pendant for example. If you suspect that your body rejects the piercing, do not wait until you consult your pierceur.

Use a saline solution daily. It is difficult to keep a clean navel piercing due to its position, which is why it will be important to clean it once or twice a day using a saline solution like the Spray Neilmed that we offer on our Site with a compress. Avoid alcohol, hexomedine, oxygenated water that burn scar tissues, or betadine that may dry your piercing.

Be vigilant with your clothes. Frucks on your navel piercing are not to be overlooked, if it clings to your garment, a sudden gesture could come to "tear" the jewelry. Even light friction should be monitored, as this may lead you to an outgrowth that would complicate your healing and will not leave you with the expected look. So avoid clothing too close to the body or clothes that could hang on to your jewelry, it will also be preferableAvoid high waist jeans Because these will continually rub your new piercing. Some people may advise you to cover your piercing with a compress or bandage, but it will not be able to breathe and will remain in a hot and humid environment conducive to infections.

OPAL OPAL NOMBRIL Woman - Obsidian piercing piercing

What jewelry for navel piercing

In most cases we will see a curved bar piercing Adorned with a natural stone, a fine stone like a zircon or an opal. We will also find pendants but these will not be available before your piercing is completely healed.

What material for his navel piercing jewelry?

As we recall so often, Not all subjects are equal, all the more for a piercing jewel. It is important to choose a quality jewel and suitable for better healing of your piercing, in order to have an allergies or infection experience.

  • Gold: If you like to have The best jewelry quality, gold and platinum are what can be found best. Be careful we are talking about gold jewelry here and not gold plated jewelry (which are often made of steel, brass or silver). However, you will have to be careful to choose a minimum 14-carat gold jewelry so that it is considered to be “implantable” and can be used during the healing period or as an installation jewel, below 14 carats will contain nickel nickel And beyond 18 carats the jewelry will be too flexible for piercing jewelry
  • Titane: Titane is a metal that is light and nickel -free, which you can use without problem as a installation jewel for your new piercing. Be careful, however, to check that it is implantable grade (TI6AL4V ELI) so ASTM-F136. Titanium jewelry can be anodized to give them different colors (gold, rose gold, blue, etc.), we also offer the possibility of choosing a color on titanium jewelry that we offer on our site thanks to the anodization process.
  • "Surgical" steel: A very popular choice because it is cheaper, it contains however nickel and is therefore not advised and often not offered as a jewel of installation. However, there is a grade of steel that is compatible, which is ASTM-F138. If you want to orient yourself towards a steel jewel, be careful to choose it well in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

You will therefore have understood, you will have to be vigilant about the choice of your jewelry so that the experience with your new piercing does not turn into a nightmare. We also try to make you aware of the maximum of quality differences between piercing jewelry, because unfortunately the information in the field is made less, and often is biased. Some sites or resellers do not communicate metal making up the jewelry or its grade, Beware when this is the case, Do not hesitate to ask questions !

Swarovski navel piercing Titane flower - obsidian piercing

Navel piercing price

The price for a navel piercing will generally be between 40 € and 60 €. As with any piercing, be sure to choose for the quality of service and not for the price. Never choose a pierceur using a piercing gun, it is also important for a navel piercing that your pierceur chooses the appropriate jewelry size so that your healing happens as best as possible and that it is not rejected.

Navel piercing variants

You would think that a classic such that navel piercing has only one option, this is where you are wrong.

It is possible to perform the piercing on the lower part of the navel, in order to reverse the meaning for those who prefer to have a jewel located lower than a basic navel piercing.

It is also possible to make a double navel piercing, several combinations are possible, but the most common remains to combine a piercing on the upper and another on the lower part of the navel.

How to change your navel piercing

For the first change in your piercing It is recommended to do it with your confidence perceur. If you want to do it yourself, you will have to wait at least the complete healing of the piercing (which can go up to 1 year).

Before removing your jewelry, remember to always wash your hands correctly. It will then be necessary to remove the ball located on the top of your piercing jewelry, so that you can drag the jewel to remove it. You can then insert the new jewel in the same way, it is possible to use a special ointment to slide it more easily, it will then be necessary to clean the screw before fixing the ball to remove the rest of ointment.

If you have a doubt do not hesitate to return to your pierceur who will accompany you for your change of jewelry.
Titanium zircon normar piercing - obsidian piercing

We hope to have answered your questions thanks to this article, if however you wish more information do not hesitate to contact us by email at the address: contact@obsidianpiercing.com, or via the contact page of our site.

Do not hesitate to share your experience with your experience with the navel piercing or your concerns about it! ✨

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