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Rook piercing: pain, healing, types of jewelry, ...

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the ROOK piercing is one of the most original piercings you can see at ear cartilage. Certainly rarer than his colleagues the piercing conch, tragus and helix. This unusual piercing is on the cartilaginous fold just opposite the anti-Halix piercing, located on the part of the helix (tube surrounding the pavilion of your ear) the closest to your face.

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Before presenting the types of jewelry you can put to your rook piercing, we will take the time to see how the act of piercing, the pain of it and its healing and our maintenance tips go. So hang on well, because you will have become unbeatable on rook piercing by the end of this article!

Prepare for your piercing rook

For a rook piercing as for any other piercing, You will have to choose your pierceur with care. Make sure that the show appears to be clean and respects hygiene rules, we do not ask for the level of hygiene of an operating room, but it is important that the pierceur uses adequate equipment and works in a clean environment to avoid bacteria and not risk infections.

As usual, we will not stop repeating it: if you want to promote a “cheap” price, you risk having a bad experience afterwards. By performing a piercing inflicting a “scar” on your body, it is therefore more judicious to promote quality during your choice.

You can then discover Our jewelry for piercing rook In gold 14/18 carats or in ASTM-F136 grade titanium, all our jewelry is guaranteed without nickel and are therefore hypoallergenic.

Rook piercing pain

The rook piercing passes through two layers of cartilage, which places it directly among the most painful piercings in the ear. As we always recall, the pain remains subjective, everyone will perceive the pain of a piercing differently. However, we want to reassure you: piercing is quickly realized and you will simply feel a pinch in your ear, normally nothing insurmountable. A qualified pierceur will be able to trust you so that the experience goes as best as possible and is as "pleasant" as possible.

ROOK piercing jewelry - Rose Opal banana - Obsidian piercing

Rook piercing healing

Like other ear piercings, The rook piercing will be long enough to heal, it will take at least 6 to 12 months for a complete healing of your rook. The healing time will depend on each individual, as well as your attendance to follow your care routine and maintenance advice.

Interview guide

Due to its location, it is imperative to take care of your rook piercing and follow various maintenance tips in order to avoid any complications such as infections.

Always handle your new piercing with clean hands!

Clean your rook piercing 2 to 3 times a day with a saline solution. As with other ear piercings, it is important to keep your skincare routine until your pierceur confirms that it is no longer necessary to do so. This will prevent bacteria from infiltrating your piercing under healing and will distance possible infections.

Do not play with your piercing jewelry. You will first be laid a curved bar (banana), because it is preferable to avoid a ring as a installation jewel for security reasons, it would risk damaging the scar tissues and therefore you will expose more to infections or growths. The only time you come to move your jewelry during healing, will be while cleaning your piercing using a saline solution.

Beware of headphones and hair. Wearing headphones could press or hang on to your piercing, which would risk damaging the scar tissues and therefore delaying the healing of your rook piercing, but this could also cause other complications. Hair in the ears could cling to your jewelry and pulling it to also damage scar tissues, but also to bring bacteria.

Do not sleep on your ear you just pierced. This is why we do not recommend having the two ears unplugged simultaneously, for some people it is clearly not possible to sleep on your back, outside, sleeping on a ear to which you have just been pierced, would risk irritating Your new piercing and complicate your healing.

Avoid sand and swimming pool. For healing to go smoothly and as quickly as possible, it is important to avoid bringing all kinds of bacteria to your rook piercing. This is why you will have to avoid swimming in stagnant water like the swimming pool, or be careful not to put sand in your ears at the beach.

Piercing rook jewelry - White natural stone banana - obsidian piercing

What jewelry for piercing rook

For a ROOK piercing We mainly offer two types of jewelry, The ring and the curved bar also called "banana". However, as for most other piercings, you will not be able to put a ring as the first jewel new piercing, it will take this to wait at least 1 to 2 months.

The curved bar offers you a wide choice of screwable accessories to put on it, ranging from the single titanium ball to zirconium oxides, passing through natural stone or the opal, to gold accessories. It is certain that among this large panel of choice you will find the jewel that matches your style.

For a ring, you will have to choose a fairly small diameter due to the location of the rook, you can then opt for a classic gold or titanium ring, or a ring set with zirconium oxides bringing shiny to your style like the 'Eternity ring.

The curved bar that you will be posed to you following the act of piercing, will be long enough to understand the swelling during the first healing phase, it will normally be changed for a more appropriate size bar afterwards during 'A control visit to your pierceur.

It is also possible to put a horseshoe with screwable accessories, it will however be necessary as for the ring to choose a diameter small enough for this to be comfortable.

What material to choose:

As with the choice of your pierceur, the choice of material for your piercing jewelry matters just as much. Indeed, not all subjects are equal. Unlike classic jewelry, your body will react more seriously to low quality materials in a piercing.

  • Gold: Gold is a metal considered to be implantable by the APP (Association of Professional Pierceurs), it can be used as a risk jewel of allergies. However, it will have to be 14 carats at least, the 9 carats not being sufficiently pure and therefore being able to contain nickel.
  • Titane: The favorite material for installation jewelry in piercing, lighter and more durable than its colleague so-called "surgical" steel, this metal is considered implantable in its ASTM-F136 grade, which we offer on our online store.
  • Surgical steel: It is not recommended to use so-called "surgical" steel as a pose jewel, including a high level of nickel. However, this will be a solution envisaged by many people once the piercing healed due to its low cost. Be careful, however, to promote the steel ASTM-F138 grade to avoid any complications if you want to direct yourself towards this metal. More than 10% of the population is allergic to nickel, but it does not have to be allergic to it to cope with irritations if your jewelry contains them. These jewelry will also be more fragile than gold or titanium.

Piercing rook jewelry - blue opal banana - obsidian piercing

What size of jewelry

As reported above, your curved bar used as a installation jewel will be longer to take into account the swelling, it will therefore be necessary to take a smaller one when your healing is complete. To facilitate your experience, we offer a size guide including the standard sizes used by piercing professionals. Please note, however, that the size to be chosen may depend for everyone, because morphologies can change between each person. It is therefore wise to talk to your piercing about it when you make your piercing or during a control visit, so that it can advise you on the size to choose for your jewelry.







Rook - Ring



ROOK piercing price

It will take between 40 and 60 € for a rook piercing, the price will often be the same as for other ear piercings. This price may include a classic installation jewel according to the piercing salons. You can also find piercing salons with jewelry at a price high enough for the piercing act.

Piercing rook jewelry - Natural stone banana tiger eye - obsidian piercing

Change your piercing jewelry at Rook

It is important that healing is complete before taking the risk of changing your piercing jewelry by yourself. It is strongly advised to make the first change of jewelry during a control visit with your pierceur. Nevertheless, if you judge that your piercing is healed enough, you can change your jewelry by yourself, after cleaning your hands correctly, do not forget to clean the area thanks to a saline before, and after.


We hope to have answered your questions about the rook piercing on this complete guide ✨

It would make us happy to have your return on experience in the comments at the bottom of this article, or your apprehensions compared to this famous piercing.

If you wish to join us do not hesitate to contact us by our social networks or by email at: contact@obsidianpiecing.com




Je n’ai qu’un piercing, un rook, que j’ai retardé par peur de la douleur, vu que chaque lecture remontait que c’était un des plus douloureux à l’oreille. Ma pierceuse, au top, a synchronisé ma respiration avec son geste, je n’ai pour ainsi dire rien senti, comme quoi un bon professionnel peut tout changer !

Je n’ai qu’un piercing, un rook, que j’ai retardé par peur de la douleur, vu que chaque lecture remontait que c’était un des plus douloureux à l’oreille. Ma pierceuse, au top, a synchronisé ma respiration avec son geste, je n’ai pour ainsi dire rien senti, comme quoi un bon professionnel peut tout changer !



En comparant avec le flat et le conch… oui le perçage fait bien plus mal !! C’est aussi plus impressionnant parce que le cartilage est plus épais. Mais ça ne dure que quelques secondes donc c’est très supportable !

En comparant avec le flat et le conch… oui le perçage fait bien plus mal !! C’est aussi plus impressionnant parce que le cartilage est plus épais. Mais ça ne dure que quelques secondes donc c’est très supportable !

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