Voyage et piercing, comment s'adapter ?

Travel and piercing, how to adapt?

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Do you like piercings and travel? This article is made for you ! It is sometimes difficult to know good practices to get to the airport in good conditions and even more if you wear many jewelry. Discover the right attitudes to adopt when you go abroad with one or more piercings.


Does my piercing ring at the airport?

The first question that comes to mind when we get to airport, This is "do my piercings trigger them detectors from metals to security? "Rest assured, it is very rare that this is the case. So you probably won't need to remove your piercings to go through customs. The jewelry that fear the most, are those that can be bulky like a ring or a necklace. The piercings are generally small and discreet. So you can pass the gantry with confidence, The piercing does not sound. It may happen, but this situation is very rare. If this is the case, the safety of the airport will carry out a second verification thanks to a metal detector that will start to ring. This manipulation will allow you to know where the disturbing material comes from. If you are still stressing at the idea of ​​passing the door with your jewelry, you may think of removing them and putting them back afterwards. If you have a new piercing, you can camouflage it discreetly or keep it. Obviously if you are obliged to remove it, it will be necessary to provide what to put it back in good conditions. Traveling with the necessary to clean your piercing is essential to avoid the risk of infection and the rejection of your jewelry. Do not hesitate to bring the necessary to clean your jewelry with compresses and physiological serum If you see a little blood on your skin.


Be pierced abroad

It is quite understandable that you want to bring back a more impactful memory of your trip than a postcard. A piercing is as significant as a tattoo. A permanent memory that will make you think of your wonderful memories spent abroad. So you prepare to find your next pierceur in a foreign country. The procedure is quite similar than in your country of origin. Know that you are going to establish some research before going to the Perceur. There are good and bad perceers everywhere. You can also inquire with premises that will help you for your choice. Make sure that living room practices are safe. Are the needles sterile ? Are the tools clean ? The place is reassuring ? Is the material of piercing jewelry respectful for your skin? Remember that it is important to favor titanium or Gold For your drilling. If you have a doubt about the state of this shop, continue your research!


The culture of piercing abroad

Each country has a different culture and when you travel, you will have to adapt to certain customs or customs. If you travel to a poor country, you will have to avoid wearing 'bling-bling' jewelry or beautiful watches, bracelets and other expensive accessories. You must take care of your belongings to avoid flights or assaults. It goes without saying for your safety but also for respecting the population. You can very well leave your personal items at home or at the hotel when you just arrived at the airport. There are also customs that are not favorable to piercing or tattooing. For example, if you go to sacred places, you will have to respect the clothing conditions. If you wear a lot of piercing at face orears, you can ask you to hide them, the same for your tattoos. For your safety and respect for the host country.

Airport piercing trip
In the end, traveling with piercings simply requires additional search on the customs of your next destination. It's a bit like when you ask yourself about the location of a restaurant, you establish a search. Remember that when you travel abroad, you are a guest in the country and that such, you are required to respect local rules and customs. If the population is uncomfortable in the face of your outfit or your behavior, it will be necessary to remedy it. Leaving a jewel at home will not prevent you from having a good trip. This will allow you to have a better stay in good conditions!

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